York Perform 210 Rowing Machine Review

York Perform 210 Rowing Machine Review
York Perform 210 Rowing Machine Review
York Perform 210 Rowing Machine Review

York Perform 210 Features

  • LCD tracking console
  • Suitable for heavy users up to 100 kg
  • 8 different resistance levels
  • Affordable quality machine

York Perform 210 Specification

  • Dimensions – 176 cm x 53 cm x 81 cm
  • Weight – 40.5 kg
  • Max user weight – 100 kg
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

York Perform 210 Rowing Machine Review

York Perform 210 is an affordable rowing machine that offers professional rower features. It is quiet, light, sturdy machine that is designed for beginner users. If you are new to indoor rowing, this is the machine designed specifically for your needs!

Even though York Perform 210 is an affordable rower and doesn’t cost over a thousand like professional ones, it offers pretty solid list of options.

York Perform 210 Explained In Details
York Perform 210 Explained In Details (click to enlarge)

York 210 rowing machine was designed and built with high quality materials. It’s seat slides on the solid steel track, whose length is 113cm. It has a Kevlar belt drive mechanism that gives a smooth rowing motion when using this machine.

This rower will arrive in a box. The box will include step by step assembly instructions, all parts needed to assemble rower by yourself at home. Be careful when carrying a box, it can be quite heavy for one person (over 40 kg). It usually takes around half an hour to assemble it and start using it.

This machine features 8 different levels of magnetic resistance available for user. You can switch between different levels during your workout for more diverse and intense training session. To change resistance level on this machine you have to turn special wheel that is right under the handle bar. Thanks to using magnetic resistance, this machine is very quiet and gives its users very smooth rowing stroke.

York Perform 210 rowing machine features large padded seat for extra comfort during long workout sessions. Unfortunately it’s pedals do not swivel or pivot, so you might feel a bit discomfort if you are a very tall person. This machine has amazing padded grip that will feel nice even after 1 hour of rowing.

York Perform 210 Rowing Machine LCD Display
York Perform 210 Rowing Machine LCD Display

This rower comes with built-in 5.75″ LCD tracking monitor. One of the disadvantages of this display is that it is battery powered, so you might want to buy rechargeable batteries if you willing to use this rower a lot. LCD tracking monitor will be showing you following workout stats:

  • Workout time
  • Stroke count
  • Calories burned
  • Cumulative strokes for all workouts

Another downside of this display is that it’s screen is not lit. So if you are planning to workout in poorly lit premises – make sure you got light. Otherwise it will be quite hard to read the stats off the screen.

After you finish your workout session, you can easily move this machine to storage room thanks to the transport wheels attached to the front of the rower. Unfortunately, this rowing machine does not fold in half which makes it a bit difficult to store it, especially for people who are tight on space at their homes.

This machine can accommodate heavy users up to 100 kg of weight or 15.7 stones. But if you are a tall person, you will find it difficult to comfortable use this machine and fully extend. It is quite compact rowing machine and was designed for home use mostly by kids or women.


  • Different resistance levels from low to high
  • LCD tracking monitor to aid workout
  • Very quiet machine
  • Easy to assemble and move around your home
  • Affordable


  • Pedals do not swivel
  • LCD screen is not back-lit

What customers say about York Perform 210

As a very fit guy, I can tell you that this machine does not give enough resistance. Even on the highest level of resistance it is not enough tension to provide me with a good challenging workout. This machine is way too easy for advanced users.

This machine was delivered to me a couple of days after I ordered it. It was very easy to assemble it and took me around 45 minutes with instructions. Very sturdy and quality machine. LCD screen could have been better quality though.

This machine has ideally fit into my home gym! I use it mainly for half an hour cardio every now and then. I am quite disappointed though that my husband who is 6ft6 couldn’t use it comfortably. This machine is for women or for short people.

Very easy to assemble this machine! Also very comfortable to use, very smooth rowing stroke. Also it is ridiculously quiet! I can even use it at night when everyone is asleep. The only downside I have noticed is that pedals are fixed and do not swivel.


Even though this machine has it’s downsides, it is a great example of an indoor rowing machine that is designed to be used at home by beginner users. It is great for newbies who are willing to improve their fitness level and start living healthy life.

This machine comes with everything you need as a beginner: you got LCD tracking console, it is quiet, it has different resistance levels and most important it is affordable.

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