York Excel 310 Rowing Machine Review

York Excel 310 Foldable Rowing Machine
York Excel 310 Foldable Rowing Machine
York Excel 310 Foldable Rowing Machine

York Excel 310 Features

  • 16 magnetic resistance levels
  • Pre-set workout programs
  • Advanced display
  • Foldable design
  • Long warranty period

York Excel 310 Specification

  • Dimensions – 176 cm x 53 cm x 81 cm
  • Weight – 39 kg
  • Max user weight – 120 kg
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

York Excel 310 Rowing Machine Review

York is a company that makes one of the best rowing machine on the market. York Excel 310 is a great example of a good engineering – it has a durable frame, it can hold tall users above 6ft as well as users who weight more than 120 kg. If you plan to increase your strength, loose some weight and gain some muscles – this is the right machine for you.

York Excel 310 is mostly made from aluminium (rail). It also has some plastic bits. The machine was designed to last and is very sturdy. Some customers say that after using this machine for 4 years it still feels like new and resistance is still at the top.

One noticeable design flaw we have noticed that there are no transport wheels. It can be very difficult to move machine around. Although there are rubber grips on the base of the machine that will protect your floor from scratching.

York Excel 310 can be ordered off Amazon and get delivered to your doorstep for free. The machine will come in two boxes – one big box with parts and a smaller one for the aluminium rail. Inside the boxes you will also find the user manual and step by step instructions. Usually it takes around an hour to assemble the machine. If you have power tools this will speed up the process dramatically. Please carry the boxes with care as this machine is quite heavy.

The resistance from this machine comes from magnets. This allows users to enjoy large spectrum of different resistance levels, very smooth rowing stroke as well as reduced noise production. York Excel 310 allows you to choose from 16 resistance levels. You can any time switch between them and pick the one that suits you the most.

The seat on this machine glides very smoothly. It is padded with a texture in order to provide maximum comfort. The foot pedals are large and pivoting, with special straps that will make sure your feet are in same position during rowing for extra comfort and safety. Handle bars are padded and come with a soft grip, this feels very nice during long sessions and prevents any blisters.

Excel 310 has an amazing tracking display that is positioned right at the top of the flywheel. It is quite large display with advanced features. Although the display is not back-lit, you can still see clearly all the workout metrics.

York Excel 310 Display
York Excel 310 Display

The display will show you following workout stats:

  • Distance rowed
  • Strokes per minute
  • Total strokes
  • Time elapsed
  • Calories burnt
  • Temperature
  • Recovery calendar

There are also 24 pre-set unique training program tho choose from. These programs will help you to reach a new fitness level and will increase endurance, strength and stamina.

In order to check pulse and monitor heart rate, user has to hold on to pulse sensors during workout or have a cord attached to a wrist. To avoid too many cords and have more precise heart rate reading, user can buy an extra chest strap.

Unfortunately to some, this machine has no batteries. In order to use this rowing machine you have to plug it in the power socket otherwise the console won’t work. For convenience, the power cord of this machine is long.

York Excel 310 Rowing Machine
York Excel 310 Rowing Machine

After you finish your workout session, you can release a pin on the rail and fold this machine in half. This option is very convenient for everyone who is tight on space. Unfortunately there are no transport wheels so it might be a bit harder to move it around. The machine in general doesn’t take up much space.

York Excel 310 has promised to support taller users up to 6ft and over as well as users who weight more than 120 kg. This is very good when compared with other rowing machines as not all mid-range rowers like this can support it.

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  • Range of different resistance levels
  • Great display with pre-set programmes
  • Can fold in half for space saving
  • Pulse monitor (optional extra)


  • No transport wheels

What customers say about York Excel 310

This is the best rower for the money. It has everything that more expensive professional rowers have. It is very sturdy, got an advanced display, and can fold in half.
Definitely a great compliment to my home gym.

After having this machine for 4 years, it feel great and resistance still is hard. The machine is very sturdy and apart from occasional minor issue with oiling parts – nothing bad happened.

Bought this machine recently, it was well built and offered decent tension. So far I am pleased with this machine. Easy to use, easy to store, great quality. Definitely a five star material!

Great product and supplier. Assembly was very easy and machine is working perfectly.Best mid range price unit! If you can afford this product over cheaper ones – go for it.


Overall, this is an amazing mid-priced rowing machine. It is very sturdy, very durable and has plenty of resistance levels to choose from. Also it is quite in operation which is good for everyone who enjoy peace.

We would recommend this machine for users of all levels. It has plenty to offer for beginners, intermediate and more advanced rowers. York Excel 310 is a great body workout that will fit perfectly in your home gym.

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