WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine
WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine
WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine

WaterRower Oxbridge Features

  • S4 LCD Multifunctional Display
  • Easy assembly
  • Smooth and realistic feeling
  • Realistic water resistance
  • 350 kg maximum user weight
  • Full body exercise
  • Flywheel design

WaterRower Oxbridge Specification

  • Dimensions – 210 cm x 56 cm x 53 cm
  • Weight – 28 kg
  • Max user weight – 350 kg
  • 3 year part warranty, 5 years frame manufacturer warranty

WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine Review

Water Rower Oxbridge is a new, unique rowing machine, which is now being used in fitness centres all over the world. The elegant and extremely easy for usage design makes the rowing machine very suitable for home exercises and provides the user with a full-body workout. The rowing machine is the perfect equipment for people who want to lose weight because it is an intense work out that can help you burn up to 1000 calories per hour. It is also suitable for people that train regularly and have the desire to keep their figure fit and their muscles lean. The water rowing machine comes with an S4 Monitor to help you track your performance.

In comparison with the air-resistance and the magnetic rowing machines, Water Rower Oxbridge Rowing Machine works with water resistance. Thereby it uses the power of water in order to create a smooth and realistic feeling while rowing, which is similar to the actual outdoor activity. The water resistance is fully natural, so you don’t need to adjust it, you only need to pull faster if you want to increase it. This type of rowing machine is also suitable for people that are recovering from an injury because it is not a workout as harsh as other fitness equipment. It puts minimal strain on the lower back which means that you can train for longer time without feeling pain.

The Water Rower Oxbridge is not only a good exercise but it is also designed to fit every room perfectly. Unlike many others rowing machines the pretty wooden look is the ultimate combination between style and quality. Therefore, after you stop using it, it turns into a nice looking furniture that complements every type of room. It is very different from any other traditional fitness equipment and is meant to satisfy the lovers of the innovative and better looking rowing machines.

The whole Water Rower Oxbridge rowing machine is constructed with high-quality materials, guaranteed by the Water Rower company. The team that is responsible for the perfect performance of the machine gathers dedicated rowers from every age, who want to provide their customers with the best experience. This particular model is made with sustainably sourced Cherry wood, while the seat rail is made by dual rail wood. The wooden construction is as easy for cleaning as it is pleasant for the eyes so the maintenance of the equipment does not take any effort.

The water flywheel produces the resistance and the pleasant sound of moving water is so relaxing and realistic that you can actually relate to rowing in a river or lake. The foot placement of the machine is adjustable, there are straps that keep your feet tied, provide you with comfort and stability and prevent you from injuries. The ergonomic handle removes the need of gloves while training and gives you the opportunity to train longer without getting blisters or feeling pain.

The assembly of the machine is very easy and it can be done by anyone in less than one hour. Assembly tools are provided in the package in order to help you with the task and shorten the time of the work. The shipping weight of the machine is 32 kg and it comes in two boxes. One of them contains the long rails while the other contains the water compartment and accessories. The instructions for the assembly are also included and once you order the rowing machine in Amazon it is going to be delivered on your address.

WaterRower Oxbridge Transport Wheels
WaterRower Oxbridge Transport Wheels

The rowing machine is also extremely easy for storage because when you finish with the exercise you can put it upright and move it wherever you want with the help of the guide wheels.

The S4 Performance Monitor is created to be you your own workout assistant and it is claimed to be one of the best monitors on the market. It is designed to give you additional information for your performance and the moment you start rowing it switches on to give you data for the:

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Speed/Intensity
  • Heart Rate
  • Stroke Rate

WaterRower Oxbridge Display
WaterRower Oxbridge Display

The monitor is designed to fit the elegant look of the machine and the print is extremely easy to see. The data provided helps you keep track on your performance, plan your exercise better and change the speed/intensity whenever you want. The S4 performance monitor requires 4 AA batteries, which are included in the initial delivery.

The weight capacity of the rowing machine is 350 kg which makes it suitable for people from different categories. You can be an advanced rower and you can use the Water Rower Oxbridge to maintain your figure and shape or you can be a beginner who wants to lose weight with its help. In both cases this rowing machine is the perfect option for your needs.

The S4 monitor has its advantages but there are also some disadvantages that come together with them. It is definitely not as interactive as the PM5 and when you train you can’t compete with your previous achievements. There aren’t any games included therefore the entertainment part is relatively poor. It is a little bit hard to see in daylight but apart from this the monitor doesn’t have any other technical downsides.

The footpads are a second disadvantage when two different people use the machine. You have to be very careful with the initial assembly because if the straps are set up wrong it can influence your workout and even cause injuries.


  • Realistic resistance coming from real water
  • High maximum user weight
  • Smooth and realistic feeling
  • Stylish wooden look
  • Flywheel design
  • Easily movable
  • Easy assembly
  • Tools included
  • Suitable for people of different height


  • No entertainment games included with monitor
  • Foot straps can be too loose
  • Display is hard to see in bright daylight

What customers say about WaterRower Oxbridge

A great product. Quality piece of fitness equipment that is a pleasure to use and it is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Good quality item. It is well designed and looks wonderful.
The seat glides smoothly and the sound of water is really pleasing.

Good exerciser. It is very sturdy and has a great feeling to it. Wooden design also looks very good in my room.

This is a 5 start rowing machine. It performs well,
feels natural, looks good, sounds good and is a great investment in your fitness.


Despite the minimal disadvantages this rowing machine remains one of the best rowing equipment that exist on the market nowadays. The combination between utility and style is a remarkable feature that you should not miss. Water is proved to be a resistance so smooth and calm that you can feel as pleasant and relaxed as if your rowing outdoors.

WaterRower Oxbridge Handle and Display
WaterRower Oxbridge Handle and Display

In the same time the workout trains a great variety of muscle groups and meanwhile is very suitable for people that suffer from previous injuries. The Water Rower Oxbridge rowing machine is an unique equipment, so why don’t you try it now?

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