WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine
WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine
WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

WaterRower Natural Features

  • Multi functional LCD console
  • Quiet in operation
  • Natural wood construction and design
  • Comfortable rowing action
  • Natural wood design
  • Whopping 250kg maximum user weight
  • Self regulating resistance

WaterRower Natural Specification

  • Dimensions – 213.4 cm x 55.9 cm x 53.3 cm
  • Weight – 26 kg
  • Max user weight – 350 kg
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower Natural is a very different and special rowing machine when you compare it to other rowers. First of all, it is made of beautiful solid wood that is heavy, durable and looks amazing. Second, this rowing machine uses natural water to generate resistance and provide tension, this feels like a real-life water rowing and is an amazing experience at a comfort of your home.

This rowing machine is a very special one and it is very different to more traditional magnetic and air resistance rowing machines. WaterRower Natural was designed to provide users with the most realistic rowing experience possible. This machine is so good, that rowing experts using this machine to stay in shape during the off season.

WaterRower Natural is being made in the united states and if you order it off Amazon UK it will be delivered right to your doorstep within a weeks times free of charge. Rower comes with a 3 year part warranty and 5 year frame warranty. Once it is delivered, unpack the box and start assembling the machine using the step-by-step assembly manual included in a box. Typically it takes around an hour and a half to assemble this and start rowing. If you have got any questions regarding operation of this machine there is a user manual included as well.

WaterRower Natural uses water to provide user with tension and feeling of a real rowing boat, and it’s resistance levels are self-regulating. The faster is your rowing pace the more resistance you will be getting. Just like rowing in a real boat on water. It is a great machine that will challenge you and will make you sweat a lot, but overall it will help you to build muscle and stamina and it will definitely push you to the limit. Thanks to the water resistance, the machine is near silent and is one of the quietest rowing machines on the market.

WaterRower Natural Pedals
WaterRower Natural Pedals

The seat glides very smoothly along the beam and it is very comfortable to use this rower for long intense workout. In order to protect your hands from blisters the handle is covered with soft touch rubber. To keep your feet firmly in place, rower has got large foot places with foot straps.

WaterRower Natural comes with a built-in S4 monitor. It is a very powerful monitor that has plenty of features including work out programs, stored programs, connectivity with additional software using a USB connection and more.

WaterRower Natural S4 Monitor Console
WaterRower Natural S4 Monitor Console

The S4 monitor will show you the following vital workout stats:

  • Time Elapsed
  • Timer Counter
  • Distance Rowed
  • Intensity / Speed
  • Stroke Rate

There is also software included with WaterRower Natural. You will be able to connect to your rowing machine using USB and use following apps:

  • We-Row – an online community of rowing enthusiasts
  • RowYo – cadence training software
  • NetAthlon – a highly motivating racing software with social network elements
  • UltraCoach – is another workout motivation software

The rower is ecological and it doesn’t use the power in order for it to operate. You will only need to get some batteries for the built-in S4 monitor. Batteries are included with your order.

S4 monitor is also useful if you are planning to row for a specific amount of time – simply set an alarm for the amount of time you are willing to row and the monitor will alert you once you have finished. This is an amazing option if you don’t want to stare at the clock every 5 minutes to see how much time left to row, simply set an alarm and zone out.

There is also a heart rate monitoring functionality within the S4, unfortunately you will have to buy a heart rate monitor yourself and attach it to a rower. It is disappointing as rower in this price category should come with a heart monitor.

To maintain this machine in good conditions is very simple. All you have to do is to wipe down the machine after using it as well as change the water periodically. There are also water purification tablets provided in order to prevent the mould and bacteria growing inside the water cylinder.

Once you are done with your workout session, you can simply push Natural in to the upright position. Thanks to the rolling wheels on the front of the machine, you won’t have any issues moving it around the house. The machine won’t take much of your home space either. Great pick for anyone who is short on space!

WaterRower Natural is a great pick for heavy users – it can support a user who is weight up to 350 kg or 55 stones! Also due to it’s length, it is definitely a great machine for tall users. Enthusiasts who are 6ft or above will be able to perform a full smooth rowing stroke with full leg extension without any discomfort.

On the downsides, we were disappointed that there were no heart rate monitor and strap included with the machine. Also the display is not back lit and it may be quite hard to read the stats if you are working out in the dark room. Apart from these minor issues this machine got nothing else bad with it.


  • Very solid and well made construction
  • Natural wood looks and feels great
  • Large console with plenty of features
  • Comfortable seat
  • Very quiet in operation
  • The best value on the market
  • Resistance depending on your pace
  • The most realistic rowing experience


  • Console is not easy reach
  • Foot rests may not be comfortable for tall people
  • Heart rate monitor is not included

What customers say about WaterRower Natural

Great rowing machine, got delivered on time and customer service is impressive.
It is very simple machine to put together and the wood looks amazing. Also a great workout!

WaterRower has to be one of the best rowing machines for home. It is quiet,
very durable and it feels very smooth during workout. Also it is easy to put this machine in the standup mode and move it away to the storage cupboard.

It is a very handsome and practical home exercise machine. Eight years after buying it, I am still very satisfied with my WaterRower Natural!

This rowing machine is very different to others in a way that it looks very handsome as well as it is probably the quietest rowing machine out there. This is the best weight loss kit in the world!


WaterRower Natural Side View
WaterRower Natural Side View

For its quality and performance, WaterRower Natural is one of the best rowing machines on the market. It is superbly made and it will look great in your home gym. It has plenty of advanced features and it delivers great workout for rowing enthusiast.

The machine is also incredibly durable and there are users who have owned these for over 10 years and they are still going well. It may not be the most affordable machine, but it is good enough to last a lifetime!

We recommend this rowing machine to everyone who is enthusiastic about rowing and willing to take a challenge on.

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