WaterRower Home Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower Home Rowing Machine
WaterRower Home Rowing Machine
WaterRower Home Rowing Machine

WaterRower Home Features

  • Water resistance
  • Flywheel design
  • Easily movable
  • Quick-start LED A1 Monitor
  • 350 maximum user weight
  • Smooth and noiseless performance
  • Storage saving

WaterRower Home Specification

  • Dimensions – 213.4 cm x 53.3 cm x 55.9 cm
  • Weight – 53 kg
  • Max user weight – 125 kg
  • Three years of parts and five years frame manufacturer warranty

WaterRower Home Rowing Machine Review

The WaterRower Home Rowing Machine is a piece of high-quality fitness equipment, designed by the WaterRower company, and this is their model with the most attractive and affordable price. This powerful rowing machine, like all the other WaterRowers, works with water resistance and provides the customer with a relaxing feeling and smoothness in every rowing stroke. It reproduces the actual rowing on the water, and the exercise includes every large group of muscles in your body. The WaterRower Home is being used in various gyms and rehabilitation centers all around the world, but it is more suitable for home usage. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight or maintain a fit figure; this is the perfect full-body workout for you.

The feature that differs the WaterRower Home from the air-resistance and the magnetic rowing machines is the fact that it works with water resistance. This means that it uses the power of water-a specially formed paddle, which cups the moving water to create a smooth and realistic feeling while rowing. The resistance is entirely natural; you don’t need to adjust speed or weight; you only need to pull harder if you want more significant resistance or pour more water in the reservoir. This type of rowing machines is often used in rehabilitation centers because it is suitable for people that are recovering from an injury. The workout is not as harsh as many other fitness exercises and meanwhile puts minimal strain on the lower back. Therefore, you can train for a longer time without feeling pain.

WaterRower Home Rowing Machine Footplates
WaterRower Home Rowing Machine Footplates

The design of the WaterRower Home Rowing Machine is very different when you compare it with much other fitness equipment that you can find on the market. The wooden design replaces the metal and the plastic, turning the rowing machine into the perfect furniture to complete the look of your room when you don’t train. The wooden finish is a stylish, universal decision that can fit every type of room. If you demand a rowing machine that is as pretty as it is useful, the WaterRower Home is one of the perfect choices that you can make.

Every single WaterRower is handcrafted by the WaterRower team of rowing enthusiasts that are aware of every need that you might have. This particular model is constructed with Ashwood treated in Danish oil. The wooden construction is a great idea because it is incredibly durable and at the same time easy for cleaning. It absorbs the vibrations and the sound from the movement and contributes to the quietness of the machine.

The unique water flywheel design creates the water resistance, and thereby you pull against a water tub rather than a chain or a cog. The solid ash wood used for the frame of the rowing machines provides stability and comfort for you. The seat is ball-bearing mounted to the rail and slides extremely smoothly, allowing you to row comfortably for hours. The foot placement of the rowing machine adjustable and the straps prevent your feet from sliding and causing injuries. The water tank of the device is made by polycarbonate- a durable plastic, therefore you won’t have any worries about breaking it.

The assembly of the water rower is not a problem at all; it can be done by anyone at home for less than an hour. In the initial delivery, there are partial assembly tools provided, which shorten the time needed for the construction. If you order it in Amazon, the fitness equipment comes in a box with the user manual and assembly instructions.

The Water Rower Home Rowing Machine is very suitable for people that don’t have enough storage space. When you finish with your workout, the machine can be stood up vertically, and the guide wheels make it easy for transportation.

WaterRower Home Rowing Machine A1 Display
WaterRower Home Rowing Machine A1 Display

The WaterRower Home Rowing Machine works with an A1 multi-functional performance monitor. This monitor is not as advanced as the S4 one, but it provides you with the most important information about:

  • Time Elapsed
  • Distance Rowed
  • Intensity (can measure in watts as well)
  • Strokes per minute
  • Strokes are (500 m split)

All the additional information is displayed on different windows, which are:

  • Intensity Window: rowing speed in meters per second or miles per hour, 500 meters and 2K split.
  • Stroke Rate Window: number of strokes per minute.
  • Distance Window: distance (in meters, miles, kilometres, or strokes) or remaining distance of the workout
  • Time Window: time in hours, minutes, and seconds or time remaining
WaterRower Home Rowing Machine Stored Vertically
WaterRower Home Rowing Machine Stored Vertically

When we take into account, the price range of the WaterRower, the relation between price and quality is quite good, but after all, some downsides can’t be hidden. The performance monitor is the biggest one because it is not as advanced as other models, and the information it provides is pretty basic. It is a feature that can be improved in future. A second disadvantage that is not as important as the first one is then the assembly instructions can be a little bit difficult to follow. It can slow down the process of assembly, but it still wouldn’t take more than an hour and a half to be completed.

WaterRower Home Pros

  • Water resistance
  • Stylish wooden design
  • Easy assembly
  • Easily movable
  • Can be stored upright
  • Realistic feeling
  • Quiet in operation
  • Suitable for different heights
  • Three years part and five years frame manufacturer warranty

WaterRower Home Cons

  • The performance monitor is too basic
  • Assembly instructions not clear enough

What customers say about WaterRower Home

Super item, exactly as recommended by others – fairly easy to assemble (two people recommended!), and very quiet in operation. The ONLY Rower Worth Buying!

I love it , it is so quiet. Just like rowing on the Thames & makes exercising fun.

Brilliant (relatively) compact version of the larger water rower. Couldn’t be happier. All the quality, functionality and performance of its big brother, at a more affordable price.

The machine is great! Even when you store it upright – water doesn’t leak at all and it barely evaporates. Just follow the guidelines and you will be fine with maintenance,
no extra attention needed for this machine.


The WaterRower Home Rowing Machine is the most affordable model of the WaterRower company, which is perfect for your home fitness if you don’t want to spend too much money on equipment. It is the perfect training that involves every big muscle group in your body, and the water resistance creates a nice and realistic feeling. The machine is solidly built so that you can expect many years of training in your home.

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