WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine
WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine
WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine

WaterRower Classic Features

  • Water resistance
  • Flywheel design
  • Easy to move around
  • LCD S4 monitor
  • Heart rate monitor with chest strap
  • 350 kg maximum user weight
  • Smooth and quiet performance

WaterRower Classic Specification

  • Dimensions – 210.8 cm x 61 cm x 53.3 cm
  • Weight – 28 kg
  • Max user weight – 350 kg
  •  3 years parts / 5 years frame manufacturer warranty

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Review

The Water Rower Classic Rowing Machine is a unique high-class rowing machine, one of the finest fitness equipment of the WaterRower company. Crafted by a team of dedicated rowers this machine provides you with the perfect workout not only in the gym but also at home. It is suitable for people with different height and weight and it is also a great exercise for both advanced trainees and for beginners. It works with water resistance, which recreates the pleasant feeling of outdoor rowing and helps you relax during the workout. The S4 LCD monitor gives you additional information for your performance and helps you track your data.

Every single rowing machine made by the WaterRower company works with water resistance. In comparison with the air-resistance or the magnetic rowing machines, water creates a smoother feeling much closer to actual rowing on water. The flywheel system that produces the resistance and the fact that you pull against a tub of water instead of a chain or cog contributes to a reduction of the noise. Unlike the other types of rowing machines, this water resistance one is much quieter and the hypnotic noise that it produces and it adds to the whole experience.

The Classic Rowing Machine is one of the most stylish models that exist on the market. With its dark wooden look it is a perfect addition to every type of furniture in every type of room. The equipment combines quality and aesthetic outlook for the customers that insist on it. The rowing machine is constructed with high-quality materials that guarantee more than 20 years of exercises.

The material of the frame is solid walnut wood and it is handcrafted by a team of professionals in the USA. The seat rail is made by dual rail wood and dual seat supporting rails allow the smooth stable stoke. The whole construction is extremely easy for cleaning and maintenance.

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Foot Pedals
WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Foot Pedals

The inventive flywheel design contributes to the unique water resistance and creates the realistic and relaxing feeling of rowing. The Water Rower Classic Rowing Machine is constructed to be suitable for customers that are recovering from past injuries because it recruits different muscle groups and it doesn’t put strain to the lower back. The adjustable foot height settings make the water rower useful for people from different heights. The foot straps keep your feet stable while exercising and the ergonomic, foam-coated handle removes the need of any other fitness equipment and protects the hands from blisters and wounds.

The machine also has the ability to measure your heart rate via chest strap but it requires additional heart rate receiver and transmitter.

The assembly of the water rower is surprisingly easy and it can be done by anyone at home. In the initial delivery there are partial assembly tools provided, which shorten the time needed and the whole procedure takes around 45 minutes. When you order it in Amazon, the fitness equipment comes in a box with the user manual and assembly instructions and after less than an hour you will be ready to start rowing and losing calories.

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Transporting Wheels
WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Transporting Wheels

The Water Rower Classic Rowing Machine is very suitable for small spaces because the storage problem is not a problem at all. When you finish with your exercise the machine can be stood up vertically for space saving storage and the guide wheels make it easy for transportation.

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine LCD S4 Monitor
WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine LCD S4 Monitor

The S4 Performance Monitor is constructed to take care of your personal performance data during the workout and it is claimed to be one of the best monitors on the market. It is designed to provide you with extra information for your exercise and it switches on automatically when you start rowing. The additional data is:

  • Duration
  • Distance (can be shown in metres, kilometres and miles)
  • Speed/Intensity (can be shown in m/s or mph)
  • Heart rate (with additional chest strap)
  • Stroke rate
  • Total strokes
  • Calories per hour

The design of the monitor is very simple and the print is extremely easy to see. The information about the workout gives you an overview of your performance, helps you change the speed and manage your time. The S4 performance monitor requires 4 AA batteries, which are unfortunately not included in the initial delivery.

The weight capacity of the machine is very big- 350 kg and this fact makes it perfect for people who decided to start training in order to lose weight and have a fit body.

The price is definitely the biggest disadvantage of this rowing machines. Despite the good relationship between price and quality the price still remains high for a single fitness equipment.

The monitor is another downside. Although it does its job perfectly it is a bit basic and there are some improvements needed if the company wants to provide the best for their price.

The fact that there are no batteries included for the monitor is the last disadvantage. Some previous models have them included and after all this is one of the best so far.


  • Flywheel design
  • High weight capacity
  • Smooth and realistic feeling
  • Stylish wooden look
  • Water resistance
  • Easily movable
  • Easy assembly
  • Tools provided
  • LCD S4 monitor


  • Monitor is a bit basic
  • No batteries included
  • Machine is quite pricey

What customers say about WaterRower Classic

This is a wonderful piece of equipment that I keep in my living room. Quite an expensive machine but it oozes quality and solidity.

Rowing and listening to the noise of paddles in the water is very pleasing. Truly a top quality and superb looking rowing machine.

Buy cheap, buy twice. Buy this machine, buy once. It is the best thing I’ve ever invested in. Build quality, quietness and the appearance of this item surpass the highest of expectations.

High quality machine as always. WaterRower is unlike most rowing machines, it is very great to look at and very pleasant to use.


The Water Rower Classic Rowing Machine is one of the bestsellers on the market when it comes to rowing machines. It is used all over the world in gyms and customers rate it highly. It is suitable for professional rowers, or athletes in general, who want to maintain their form between the training. It is also suitable for people that want to lose weight because for 1 hour they can burn up to 1000 calories.

The water resistance makes the exercise very relaxing and close to the outdoor activity. Meanwhile it is a workout for every big muscle group in the body, it prevents you from injuries and helps you keep your lean figure and healthy body.

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