WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine
WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine
WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine

WaterRower Beech Features

  • LCD S4 monitor
  • Easily movable
  • Water resistance
  • Space saving feature
  • Full-body exercise
  • Flywheel design
  • Realistic feeling

WaterRower Beech Specification

  • Dimensions – 211 cm x 40 cm x 54 cm
  • Weight – 30 kg
  • Max user weight – 350 kg
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty

WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine is a high-quality, commercial rowing machine, handcrafted in the USA by professionals who constructed it to be suitable not only for the fitness studio but also applicable for the house. This rowing machine uses water as resistance and therefore creates a unique realistic feeling similar to rowing on water. It provides you with an opportunity to train your whole body just with one piece of fitness equipment. The Water Rower comes with a Series 4 Monitor, which gives you additional data about your performance.

WaterRower Beech In Action
WaterRower Beech In Action

WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine works with water resistance, an innovative technology that brings the art of water rowing in your room. These types of machines happen to be very different from the air-resistance or magnetic rowing machines because the design uses a specially formed paddle, which cups the moving water and simulates rowing in a boat. The resistance is entirely natural and the harder you pull, the bigger it gets. It successfully recreates the movement and thus the benefits of the exercise without the noise, produced by the other types of rowing machines. The water resistance lessens the chance of injury and helps for a smooth, pleasant feeling while training different muscle groups.

WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine Foot Pedals
WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine Foot Pedals

Unlike much other fitness equipment that exist in every gym, the WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine is as pleasant for the eye as it is useful for the body. The wooden design replaces the metal and the plastic, therefore making the rowing machine a perfect addition for every room. The wooden finish is stylish, very universal and meanwhile surprisingly easy for cleaning. If you insist on a machine with a stylish look, this is probably one of your best options on the market. You can also personalise your home rowing machine by choosing the type of wood you want or adding the metal finish.
Every single detail of the rowing machine is constructed with materials that are resistant to pressure and that promise more than 20 years of quality exercises.

The unique water flywheel produces the water resistance and contributes to the fact that you pull against a tub of water rather than a chain or cog. The frame of the machine is made by using solid beech wood, sourced from the Appalachian mountain range. The seat is designed to provide you with comfort throughout the whole workout; it is also ball-bearing mounted to the rail and slides exceptionally smoothly.

The foot placement of the rowing machine can be adjusted very quickly with the help of straps, which prevent your feet from sliding off during a workout and causing injuries. You have to add purification tablets to the tank every six months to maintain the rowing machine.

The assembly of the WaterRower Beech Machine causes no problems as well. Once you order the product from Amazon, it arrives on your address in a box, and it should take you around an hour to assemble the machine. The shipping weight is 30 kg, and there is included a step by step assembly instruction and tools for the assembly in the box.

WaterRower Beech S4 Monitor
WaterRower Beech S4 Monitor

The S4 Performance Monitor is created to be you your professional assistant, responsible for giving you practical information about:

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Speed/Intensity
  • Stroke rate
  • Heart rate

The design of the monitor is straightforward, and the print is extremely easy to see. The information about the workout gives you an overview of your performance, helps you manage your time and change the speed. The monitor run with batteries, which is though not included in the delivery.

After finish rowing, you can store your WaterRower upright and save a lot of space by tucking it behind a door or in the closet. The guide wheels allow the Beech rower to be easily manoeuvred by everyone who uses the machine.

The machine has an enormous weight capacity – 350kg and is suitable for a wide range of trainees. Both tall and short people can use it because almost everything in this rowing machine is adjustable. The foot straps fit different sized feet, but you still have to be careful and to make sure that they are on the correct place.

One of the disadvantages of the machine is the liquid crystal display, which is relatively hard to see in the sunlight. When you compare it to the PM5 one, it is not that interactive, but this fact is also related to the price of the machine, which is lower.

The second one is the change of the resistance, which is the level of the water. This is the main downside of the water resistance rowing machines in general; the resistance remains constant. Although the faster you are rowing, the more resistance you will be getting out of this machine.

WaterRower Beech Pros

  • Water resistance
  • Stylish wooden design
  • Easily movable
  • Easy assembly
  • Quiet in operation
  • Realistic feeling
  • Can be stored upright
  • Suitable for people of different height
  • Maximum weight of 350 kg
  • Long manufacturer warranty

WaterRower Beech Cons

  • Monitor brightness
  • Resistance level change

What customers say about WaterRower Beech

It is truly a fantastic rowing machine. It is very quite and runs very smoothly, also the sound of water very pleasing and creates a somewhat realistic rowing atmosphere.

The machine can be very conveniently stored upright in the corner of the room. Wooden design make it look like part of my furniture. Very sturdy machine as well.

Very robust and effective home exercise machine. Been using this machine for over two years and am still very, very pleased with it!

Top notch high quality exercise machine. Very good workouts, low impact, smooth, very quiet, no complaints there at all.


With its realistic performance, the WaterRower Beech Rowing Machine is claimed to be one of the most comfortable rowing machines on the market. All the materials, used for the manufacture are with extremely high quality, and all the machines are being handcrafted in the USA by WaterRower since 1988. A team of dedicated rowers is responsible for the outstanding performance of the rowing machine that combines functionality; it’s easily movable and perfect for every person that is keen on keeping their figure fit.

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