Viavito Sumi Folding Rowing Machine Review

Viavito Sumi Rowing Machine Review
Viavito Sumi Rowing Machine Review
Viavito Sumi Rowing Machine Review

Viavito Sumi Features

  • Ten different levels
  • Silent rowing thanks to the magnetic resistance
  • LCD tracking monitor
  • Steel frame and foldable design
  • Transport wheels for easier moving around
  • Ergonomic design

Viavito Sumi Specification

  • Dimensions – 178 cm x 53 cm x 48 cm
  • Weight – 26.1 kg
  • Max user weight – 120 kg
  • Two years manufacturer warranty

Viavito Sumi Rowing Machine Review

The specifications aside, the first thing you can notice is this rower’s patterns and colours. The rower comes in black and red, and the machine is honestly modern and classy as far as designs usually go.

Viavito Sumi Rowing Machine Folded In Half
Viavito Sumi Rowing Machine Folded In Half

Viavito Sumi rowing machine comes with ten different resistance levels, using friction-free magnetic resistance. Leading to virtually no noise being produced — even when rowing hard — the machine ensures you’ll be able to workout heavily in a distraction-free zone.

This rowing machine will come disassembled in a box, yet clear step-by-step instructions on how to assemble it yourself will be included. It will take you a bit more than half an hour to assemble, but it’s doable within a short enough period. Soon after that, you can unleash your excitement and get rowing!

Viavito Sumi has been designed to accommodate users up to 120 kg but also including tall individuals of over 6 ft. This machine provides large foot pedals with foot straps that will keep your feet securely in the right place and will help you avoid injury, guaranteeing a smooth workout in which your abilities alone determine the difficulty level.

For the ones who love long, productive rowing workout sessions, this rower also comes with an ergonomically designed seat that will make sure your workout is less painful and more enjoyable. By increasing the security and pleasantness of the grip, the rower further decreases the chance of wrist injuries.

This machine is made from tubular steel frame to ensure that it will last you for years, is designed and intended for long-term, continuous use, mainly since it provides a progressive system of resistances to permit a never-ending challenge.

Viavito Sumi LCD Display Monitor
Viavito Sumi LCD Display Monitor

Viavito Sumi comes with an LCD tracking monitor that will help you track vital workout stats such as:

  • Time elapsed
  • Distance
  • Strokes per minute
  • Calories burnt

Below the display monitor, you will find the resistance adjustment. You can conveniently switch between different resistance levels without interrupting your workout.

After you finish your workout, you can use the space saving option this machines comes with: it can fold in half. Just put it away in storage or a corner when it’s not in use — a unique feature among high-quality home workout equipment. Very convenient for those who don’t have a lot of space at home, yet still desire efficient fitness options without going to the gym.

Viavito Sumi Pros

  • Suitable for tall users over 6 ft
  • Magnetic resistance will make sure it is quiet and smooth
  • The ten levels of resistance also ensure progression
  • Comfortable seat and handles
  • Foldable in half for space saving

Viavito Sumi Cons

  • The LCD monitor is too basic compared to other machines in this price range

Viavito Sumi FAQ

How noisy is Viavito Sumi?

The machine is not noisy at all thanks to magnetic resistance.

Does the machine come by itself or you have to assemble it?

You have to assemble the machine by yourself. Typically it takes around 30 minutes to assemble this. It can be handy and speed up the process if you have power tools.

Where can I find Sumi user manual and instructions?

The manual should have come in a box with the machine parts. If for some reason you didn’t receive the manual, please find it here – viavito sumi user manual.

What customers say about Viavito Sumi

Reasonably priced machine with great tension control. Also would like to note that it is very sturdy and can sustain long sessions. Good value purchase. Relatively easy to assemble and fold up for storing it. Very silent as well – your neighbours won’t complain about nightly rowing sessions.

Really pleased with this purchase! It is perfect for home use, not too large and folds neatly. Does its job well! Thank God the noise is minimal. I can now watch Netflix and workout in my living room at the same time.

This machine is ideal for home users. You are not going to get gym quality rowing machine for 200 quid, but this machine will do the job well for beginners and anyone wishing to maintain reasonable fitness level

It is one of the nicest and smoothest machines out there. It produces next to no noise. The machine is light as well as it can fold up in half and save space! This is a perfect rowing machine for home use! I recommend this for beginners!


In general, this rower provides an excellent fitness routine. The ten different resistance levels let you choose between cardio or strength workout, while also giving room to progression. Folding design enables you to save up space at home, but also makes the equipment more comfortable to move around.

Viavito Sumi is an amazing pick for the beginner and intermediate users who are willing to buy a quiet and compact rowing machine. And last but not least – this machine price tag won’t make you broke: it is very affordable for anyone new and curious about rowing, home fitness, or exercise in general! This rower was picked as one of the most stylish machines in our best home rowing machines list!

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