V-Fit Tornado Air Rowing Machine Review

V-Fit Tornado Air Rowing Machine Review
V-Fit Tornado Air Rowing Machine Review
V-Fit Tornado Air Rowing Machine Review

V-Fit Tornado Air Features

  • Contoured comfortable seat
  • Air resistance provides the best rowing experience
  • Wide rowing bar
  • LCD tracking monitor
  • Adjustable foot straps
  • Can be folded after every workout
  • Suited for beginners and intermediates alike

V-Fit Tornado Air Specification

  • Dimensions – 212 cm x 44 cm x 74 cm
  • Weight – 24 kg
  • Max user weight – 115 kg
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty

V-Fit Tornado Air Rowing Machine Review

This rowing machine is an amazing piece of equipment that looks good enough to a fantastic in your local health clubs — but it looks just as well in the comfort of your own home! Despite doing everything elite commercial rowing machines do for experts and newbies, you can get it for just a fraction of that price. Sounds like a good deal to me!

V-Fit Tornado has a chain drive air resistance, meaning that the faster you row, the stronger the resistance will get. The rowing machine resistance level is directly proportional to your rowing speed, ensuring that your input matches your output — so get going, and you’ll feel it.

If you’re looking for long rowing machine workout sessions, V-Fit Tornado can help: with the rower seat specifically contoured and ergonomically designed to deliver your comfort levels to modern standards; you’ll not only break a sweat but do so without having to worry about anything else. Rowing machines should be your enabling allies, and that’s precisely what it is offering.

PVC footplates do help to avoid injuries with their pivoting design; the footplates will move naturally with your feet as you are doing your rowing stroke. Footplates have unique, velcro-styled straps and also feature a two-position mount. Giving extra rowing comfort and security for anyone — whether you’re tall or short — V-Fit Tornado have it all right, just for you.

V-Fit Tornado Air Rowing Machine Display
V-Fit Tornado Air Rowing Machine Display

V-Fit Tornado features a specific, three-screen, six-function display. This display has got six functions that will help to keep track of your workout and also show:

  • Calories burned per workout
  • Time spent rowing
  • Total strokes count
  • Strokes per minute
  • The distance you have rowed
  • Timer to keep track of laps

V-Fit Tornado Air is suitable for users of weight up to 18 stones or 115 kilograms, giving a wide range of accessibility.

What we like about this machine that its well made that rowing becomes a smooth and quite comfortable workout; it’s easily doable and is very convenient for those starting who don’t want to over-complicate their lives. Those with more experience, however, will find that the simplicity doesn’t take away from the functionality of it, but streamlines the process even more.

Air resistance rowers are famous for having intensity adjusted to the speed you row, which is beneficial for everyone who uses this machine. Without being dependent on a specific set of resistance levels, the device comes with a self-encapsulated progression system — the stronger you grow, the tougher the fight, and you can use the same machine for a long time, without ever needing to intervene or manually change anything.

This machine is good for beginners and experienced intermediate user. It is an amazing machine that will help you get fit and tone your body, being a perfect choice for improving fitness, endurance, stamina — all with a particular focus on back, shoulders, and arms.

V Fit Tornado Air Pros

  • Air resistance is proportionate to your speed
  • Fitness club style design and solid construction
  • Amazing digital display that will help track your workout
  • Comfortable design with amazing contoured seat and specifically oversized footplates
  • Smooth rowing thanks to the aluminium rowing rail and seat guide rollers
  • Simplicity ensures ease of access
  • Comes with detailed instructions of assembling
  • Foldable (unlike most others), saving a lot of space

V Fit Tornado Air Cons

  • It makes noise while rowing
  • May prove difficult to assemble

V-Fit Tornado Air FAQ

How do I assemble a tornado air rowing machine?

V-Fit Tornado air assembly is very simple and straightforward. The instructions on how to assemble this machine should have come in a box when you ordered a device.  Please see the manual mentioned in the question below.

Where can I find tornado air rower manual?

In case they weren’t included in a box when you bought your rowing machine or you lost your instructions – please follow this link to get the electronic copy of instructions.

How noisy is this machine?

The machine produces some noise, mostly the noise from moving up and down the rail when rowing, however, there is also minor but not disturbing noise coming from the flywheel as well as a light air breeze.

How do I increase tension on V-Fit Air Tornado?

There is no mechanism that will allow you to increase tension manually. The way resistance is set up here is that the harder you pull the more resistance you get because you are moving a greater amount of air in the flywheel.

What customers say about V-Fit Tornado Air

Very noisy after first few months of rowing. Otherwise it is a very good machine. The motion is smooth and resistance is good.
Very satisfying seeing the record progress just before your eyes. The only problem is that it’s two pages, and you can’t really switch mid-rowing.

Good gym-quality product. You can find these in most professional gyms. Simple to assemble and very straightforward to use.

The design is not that great – position of the foot straps and the handle does not let you to have a nice stretch to the fort. Otherwise, really good machine for its price.

Unlike most rowing machines, this one actually folds. Saves me a lot of space, and I’m sure those without their own gym room will agree!

Home assembly can be a bit complex for a newbie. Instruction manual got 98 parts, you might need some help with it. Overall, I am satisfied with the product for the price I paid.


One thing to consider before buying this rower is that it makes some noise during exercise, especially after a while. It is like that will all air resistance rowing. It is not a lot of noise, but good to keep in mind when considering Tornado, as experienced users might get put off by it.

The V-Fit Tornado Air is such a fantastic piece of equipment when it comes to value/price ratio. It is durable, comfortable, smooth and got a professional fitness club design. Adjustable resistance will challenge every user to improve their workout as well. IT is one of the machines that you might see at your local gym — or you can buy it and have it all for yourself, at your place, for whenever you need it.

V-Fit Tornado Air was picked as one of the best home rowing machines in our best 7 home machines list!

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