Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 Rowing Machine Review

Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3
Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3
Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3

Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 Features

  • 8kg flywheel
  • Optional heart rate chest belt
  • Huge maximum user weight number
  • Soft seats and flexible footrests

Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 Specification

  • Dimensions – 54 cm x 80 cm x 209 cm
  • Weight – 37 kg
  • Maximum user weight – 135 kg
  • 24-36 months manufacturer warranty, 240 months frame warranty

Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 Review

I want to start this review by saying that this rowing machine is one of the most well rated by users and reviewers. This rower is one of the best rowing machines out there, it is built with amazing materials, and its ergonomic design brings amazing comfort to the workout.

As usual, rowing machines of this class delivered in a box right to your doorstep. The box includes all the right stuff you need to assemble it – tools, manuals and parts. Keep in mind that this machine got some significant parts, so you might need some assistance when assembling it.

Once you assemble this rowing machine, you can start working out straight away. Go RW3 offers a smooth and efficient workout thanks to magnetic resistance and comfortable design.

This machine got a flywheel that is just 8 kg of weight, and during rowing stroke, it does produce some noise. Although most rowing machines produce sound when you row fast, and for a long time, you should consider this when buying this machine if you think you might get irritated or feel discomfort because of it.

This rowing machine delivers the best comfort during workout. Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 seat is well padded, and it is well attached to the rail to provide better stability. To support your ankles, this machine got adjustable footrests. The handlebars are located right under the LCD. They row nice and smooth during your rowing motion.

This machine is very suitable to a tall person (6ft or higher) and will allow you to extend your legs comfortably and fully during rowing motion.

Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 LCD Display
Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 LCD Display

GO RW3 is provided with a fantastic LCD display that will help you to track:

  • Distance you rowed
  • Strokes per minute
  • Time elapsed
  • Calories counter
  • Heart rate

It also is programmed with three different and effective rowing workouts. Just pick one and start toning your body straight away after assembly.

One of the biggest perks of this machine is that it can accommodate large users. If you are trying to lose weight, we are confident that this machine can support users up to 135 kg. Also, this machine is a reasonably large one, so if you are tall – you can still get a fully extended rowing motion. You can also adjust the floor leveller to make you comfortable during your exercise.

Magnetic resistance allowing this machine to provide fantastic tension. You can choose from eight different levels. They can be adjusted manually, and they range from very easy to very difficult. It is excellent for anyone who wants to build muscle and tone up their body.

After your workout, you can fold this machine in two and put it away under your bed or in a cupboard. There are also wheels attached to the machine that will help you to transport it and move it around your house.

Bremshey Go RW3 Pros

  • A solid design that can handle large user weight, up to 135 kg
  • The foldable design allows you to save space
  • Amazing tension levels thanks to the magnetic resistance
  • Good quality and loads of different features

Bremshey Go RW3 Cons

  • This machine is quite heavy
  • It is quite pricey for someone willing to try out rowing

Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 FAQ

How easy is it to fold and unfold?

The seat slides on a rail in and out of the machine without any issues. It is straightforward to fold and unfold this machine. There are also small roller wheels at the front of the device that helps you move the machine from room to room.

Does it come with a warranty?

The machine comes with the following warranty: 10 years frame guarantee, two years electronics warranty and two years parts warranty.

Is it suitable for a male with height 6’4″?

The machine at full length is over 6ft and will suit a user who is as tall as 6’4″ and taller! It is worth keeping in mind that maximum weight allowed on this machine is 135 kg or about 20.5 stones. It is recommended not to exceed the weight limits in order not to damage the device.

What are the machine dimensions?

The machine in full length is about 210 cm. When folded, it is about 145 cm.

What customers say about Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3

Most of the reviews for this machine are five stars. Here are some of the quotes from customer review:

As relatively unfit person, I am very pleased with this machine. Even though it weighs a ton, it is very easy to assemble it and it has pictorial instructions.

This machines gave me an excellent workout and there is plenty of detail on the display. Very decent machine

Everything I hoped for. Very sturdy design.

Took half an hour to assemble with the help of my son, been using it for a month and can’t fault it so far.


This rowing machine is one of the mid-level price machines. We are delighted with this piece of equipment: it got plenty of features for your comfort, it has got a solid steel frame, all parts have been built with high quality. Tension levels will suit rowers of all sizes and experiences – from beginners to intermediate and advanced athletes.

This rowing machine has been designed to last for very long time.

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