SportPlus Indoor Rowing Machine Review

Sportplus Indoor Rowing Machine
Sportplus Indoor Rowing Machine
SportPlus Indoor Rowing Machine

SportPlus Rowing Machine Features

  • 8 kg flywheel
  • Eight resistance levels
  • LCD tracking monitor
  • Magnetic braking system
  • Safety tested: EN ISO 20957-1 and EN 957-7

SportPlus Rowing Machine Specification

  • Dimensions – 190 cm x 51 cm x 77 cm
  • Weight – 29.6 kg
  • Max user weight – 150 kg
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

SportPlus Rowing Machine Review

This rowing machine is one of the best ways to get your cardio and strength training at the comfort of your home. This indoor rowing machine works your body like no other fitness equipment.

The first thing you notice about SportPlus Indoor is its design. Stylish black and red plastic, as well as aluminium materials, are used in this machine. The machine also comes in white colour. Designers of this equipment have succeeded at creating a piece of elegant workout equipment without compromising its materials and build quality.  You can use this machine heavily, and it will still be sturdy and in good condition.

Sportplus Indoor Rowing Machine Specification
SportPlus Indoor Rowing Machine Specification

The rowing machine can be bought online and delivered right to your doorstep. It will arrive in a big package with all the necessary parts for you to assemble this by yourself. However, the box can be quite heavy, so please be very careful when you move it around. Inside the box you will find machine parts such as a screen, rail etc. and user manual with assembly instructions. Usually, assembly takes a bit more than an hour.

The resistance on this rowing machine comes from a whisper-quiet magnetic brake system. You can choose from a total of eight resistance levels. The user can pick a comfortable resistance for a workout using a knob located at the front of the rowing machine. You will be surprised at how quiet is this rowing machine. You can work out while someone is sleeping a couple of feet away from you.

For higher comfort machine features very comfortable large pedals with a particular non-slip surface. There are also velcro foot straps that will help you keep your foot in place. It is critical to protecting your foot movement during the workout to avoid injury. SportPlus indoor rower has got ball-bearing mounted rudder seat that is made of PU material. The seat is ergonomically designed making sure you can stay comfortable during long workout sessions. The handlebar is padded and is perfect for protecting your hand from blisters during a workout.

Sportplus Indoor Rowing Machine Display
SportPlus Indoor Rowing Machine Display

One of the main benefits of SportPlus indoor rowing machine is it’s tracking monitor. It is featuring LCD technology. The screen can be adjusted to different positions, making sure you can easily read from all possible angles. The tracking monitor shows you all the vital information regarding your current rowing session:

  • Total training time
  • Total distance rowed
  • How many strokes per minute you have god
  • Total strokes for the session
  • Approximate calories consumption
Sportplus Indoor Rowing Machine Folded
SportPlus Indoor Rowing Machine Folded

The tracking monitor can also accurately measure your pulse. There is a built-in 5 kHz pulse receiver in the computer. The data is measured and transmitted wirelessly, saving you from the mess with wires and making your workout more comfortable. However, to get this data, you will need to get a separate chest strap. The chest strap will have to is being bought separately since it is not included in the bundle.

Once you have finished working out, this machine has a significant feature to offer for those of us who are tight on space or prefer everything to be in its place: this machine can fold in half. Just put this machine away to a storage cupboard or under the bed when you are not working out. For more convenient transporting around there are integrated transport rollers.

SportPlus Indoor Rowing Machine can support a user that weights up to 150 kg or 23.6 stones. A user who is taller than 6ft can comfortably use this machine, but it won’t be as comfortable as if you get a device designed specifically for the tall user.

The main downside with this rowing machine is that when you fold the machine, there is no other way to support it while you move it around apart from having to hold it by its rail.

SportPlus Rowing Machine Pros

  • Adjustable resistance
  • Great tracking monitor
  • Foldable in half
  • Great value for money
  • Quiet in operation
  • Comes in 2 colours

SportPlus Rowing Machine Cons

  • Not enough handles on the machine

SportPlus Indoor Rowing Machine FAQ

How do I track my pulse with this machine?

To use the pulse tracking feature, you have to have an additional chest strap that a to the machine tracking monitor. After establishing the connection, you can follow your current pulse by checking the metric on the screen. Please see the question below to find a link to a great chest strap.

Is chest strap included with this machine?

No, a chest strap is not included. I would recommend this product as a great example of a chest strap that is suitable for this machine.

Where can I find user and assembly manual?

User manual with assembly instructions should have been included in a box that machine has come with. If for some reasons the manual didn’t arrive, or you have lost it, please follow this link to get the electronic version.

Do I need to plug this machine into the mains?

In order for this machine work as well as for display to operate this machine has to be plugged into the mains.

Is this machine noisy?

This machine is whisper quiet thanks to the magnetic breaking system. The loudest noise it will produce will be the sound of you gliding up and down the rail.

What customers say about SportPlus Rowing Machine

The rower was very easy to assemble, apart from having some minor issues with putting the pedals in place. The machine is quite heavy itself and takes a fair bit of space, but once it is folded its fine. I have been using this extensively now and can guarantee you this is an excellent workout machine.

SportPlus rowing machine is a very good value for money piece of equipment. It provides very good resistance, even when it is set to low level. The rowing action is very smooth and quiet. My husband and I are very pleased with this machine so far. We use it at level 5 and 6 and it already feels like a fairly good workout.

The display on this rower does a good job. I use this rower extensively and it is still quiet in operation. Apart from minor squeaks here and there it has got no other issues. Couldn’t be happier with this machine.

This is a superb rowing machine and does everything perfectly! Would recommend this to everyone who is willing to get a great machine that performs its job professionally for a fraction of a price of a professional rowing machine.


With this indoor rowing machine, you will be able to work on your strength, endurance, agility, and coordination right at the comfort of your home. Rowing as an exercise in general works more than 80% of body muscles, making it the most effective workout.

The SportPlus indoor rower is a great rowing machine for a beginner and intermediate user. This machine has got plenty of features to offer to its user. This rower is a great value for money and is one of my favourite machines.