Skandika SF-1140 Rowing Machine Review

Skandika SF 1140 Regatta Pro 5 Neptune Rowing Machine
Skandika SF 1140 Regatta Pro 5 Neptune Rowing Machine
Skandika SF 1140 Regatta Pro 5 Neptune Rowing Machine

Skandika SF-1140 Features

  • Foldable in half
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Advanced computer system
  • Easy to transport
  • Amazing instruction manual
  • Silent poly fibre pull system

Skandika SF-1140 Specification

  • Dimensions –  130 cm x 55 cm x 95 cm
  • Weight – 23kg
  • Max user weight – 110 kg
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty

Skandika SF-1140 Rowing Machine Review

Skandika SF-1140 Regatta Pro 5 is an amazing rowing machine that is very practical and affordable for most people. This machine will allow you to build body muscle, improve your stamina as well as aid your weight loss.

This machine has a fantastic design, and it can even be put with some of the high-end models for comparison. This machine is using magnetic resistance, hence making it very quiet to operate and also it is shallow on maintenance. To adjust resistance, all you have to do is turn a knob in front of the machine.

This machine has five different resistance levels that are of moderate difficulty. Maximum supported user weight is 110kg.

This rower comes with adjustable handles. You can use the handlebar to do the rowing. Or you can switch to a unique single handle that can be used to work your triceps, chest, core, biceps and more.

Skandika SF 1140 Regatta Pro 5 Neptune Rowing Machine Folded In Half
Skandika SF 1140 Regatta Pro 5 Neptune Rowing Machine Folded In Half

Think of this machine as of an ultimate mini full-body workout machine. Typical users get up to 86% of their body working when rowing. This is an amazing total body workout!

To aid your workout, this machine comes with an onboard. This computer will provide you with all vital stats during your exercise as well as will help you to push yourself to the limits. The display will show you:

  • Time elapsed
  • Strokes
  • Calories Burned
  • Rowing speed

This console also comes with a fantastic feature that helps you program your training goals right into it. It will help you track your performance and will allow you to take full control of your workouts.

After you finish your rowing session, you can grab the two handles and fold machine in half. Then you can easily transport the machine to the corner of a room or put it in a storage room. Very convenient for those who have limited space available.

Skandika SF-1140 Pros

  • Affordable for beginners
  • Easy and quick assemble by yourself
  • Hear rate analysis additional option
  • Adaptable to a wide range of exercises

Skandika SF-1140 Cons

  • Not ideal for all users
  • Not ideal for advanced users

What customers say about Skandika SF-1140

This machine is good all round. Not too difficult to assemble. It is compact and light enough for me to move it around my flat. Love it!

This machine is not for the professional rowers, but for me – it is great. It runs smoothly and does the job that it is intended for!

Very good rowing machine that feels great. Although it is a bit cramped and the maximum resistance level is a bit too easy for me. Other than that – it does a good job.

Very good quality machine. Very easy to build and move it around. It took me about 20 minutes to assemble it all by myself.


This machine is an amazing pick for everyone who may not have enough space in their flat for a great rowing machine. For those who do, it may appear a bit cramped compared to other rowing machines. If you are over 5’8”, this machine will not be a good pick for you. It will be too little for comfortable rowing, and you won’t be able to extend on it fully.

We recommend this machine to beginners and intermediate rowers. But you have to be under 5’8” to use it comfortably.

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