Marcy Tunturi Regatta Folding Rowing Machine Review

Marcy Tunturi Regatta Folding Rowing Machine
Marcy Tunturi Regatta Folding Rowing Machine
Marcy Tunturi Regatta Folding Rowing Machine

Marcy Tunturi Regatta Rowing Machine Features

  • Exercise status display
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Firm handlebar grip
  • Sufficiently-sized pedals

Marcy Tunturi Regatta Specification

  • Dimensions – 191 cm x 51 cm x 70 cm
  • Weight –26.5kg
  • Max User Weight – 110kg

Marcy Tunturi Regatta Rowing Machine Review

Running and rowing are considered as the best forms of exercises. For the local people of the United Kingdom, indoor rowing is more preferred as the country often experiences unfavourable weather conditions. Marcy rowing machines are one of the best in the market of budget rowers.

Requiring one fluid movement, the rowing exercise utilises almost all of the primary muscles. It also sheds fats and burns calories faster than running or biking.

The Marcy Tunturi Regatta Rowing Machine is offered as an affordable mid-range rower. This product is also recommended for use in small apartments.

A Marcy Tunturi Regatta Rowing Machine package measures 101 centimetres long, 28 centimetres wide and 58 centimetres tall. The machine also weighs around 58 pounds or 26.5 kilograms. Moreover, customers can choose between its green and dark grey colours.

Being unusual exercise machine components, the aluminium structure and steel framing makes the rowing machine strong and light. Still, manufacturers remind that rowing machine users must not weigh over 242 pounds or 100 kilograms.

The simple-designed rowing machine contains a battery-based LCD console. Protruding above the resting point of the handle, the console provides workout feedback.

The system displays one’s time, speed, burnt calories, travelled distance, as well as performed strokes within a minute. It also self-activates each time a user starts the rowing exercise. Moreover, the rowing machine includes a tablet holder to keep a user entertained while exercising.

Using a magnetic system for resistance, the rower runs with a four-kilogram flywheel. The flywheel keeps the rower running smoothly and silently.

In manipulating the intensity of one’s exercise, the Marcy Tunturi Regatta Rowing Machine features eight levels of rowing resistance. This can be adjusted using a manual dial.

The rowing machine features an ergonomic, soft, comfortable and large PU seat. It also offers an aluminium seat rail for individuals who are up to 5’ 11” tall. Furthermore, the user’s feet are secured in the machine using Velcro-strapped, non-slip swivel pedals.
Two transport wheels are positioned in the machine’s front. Two AA batteries are also provided.

A user may assemble the Marcy Tunturi Regatta Rowing Machine by following the directions on the machine’s package. Once assembled, the rowing machine measures 191 centimetres long, 51-centimetre side, and 70 centimetres tall.

Marcy Tunturi Regatta Rowing Machine Display
Marcy Tunturi Regatta Rowing Machine Display

In storing the large machine, the Regatta offers a fold-up feature using a release pin. A folded rowing machine measures 93 centimetres long, 51 centimetres wide and 150 centimetres tall. In its folded position, the machine is designed to stay durable and fully functional.

In Amazon UK, users have positively rated the Regatta machine with an average of four stars. Satisfied consumers have also shared that their machine exercise goes for thrice a week, or even for twenty minutes in a day.

Some users, on the other hand, negatively commented on the machine’s fluidity after twelve-kilometre rowing. A user advised applying grease to prevent the device from getting squeaky.

Another user has expressed concern over the need for proper allowance when manoeuvring the machine with both arms forward. Others noticed the absence of a built-in rowing exercise guide or rowing exercise DVD program.

The most number of negative comments involve the durability of the strap, as well as the overall structure. Several users mainly shared instances where their handle straps snapped and stayed inside the mechanism. One user experienced machine malfunction during the first time of use.

On another note, some users have recommended the product to beginners of the rowing exercise. Expert rowers, in particular, found the resistance levels too light for their training. They also observed the machine’s incomplete rowing motion, which solely features forward and backward strokes.

For a more effective beginner’s rowing experience, first-time users are advised to watch a rowing exercise guide on YouTube. A rubber mat may also be placed under the rowing machine, to avoid having scratches on the floor. Moreover, users must secure a way to reinforce the strap, thereby preventing it from breaking.

The Marcy Tunturi Regatta Rowing Machine is currently available for purchase at Amazon UK. It is priced at £230.05. Amazon UK also offers free delivery within the United Kingdom.

Marcy Tunturi Regatta Folded
Marcy Tunturi Regatta Folded

The product, along with all its components, is covered with a one year warranty. It has also been assessed and assigned with the CE marking and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances’ (RoHS) certification.

Tunturi Regatta Pros

  • Solid built
  • Minimal noise generated when rowing
  • Comfortable rowing experience
  • Easy assembly
  • Fast delivery

Tunturi Regatta Cons

  • Straps durability is not as high as we would expect from a machine in this price category
  • Resistance levels are lacking power sometimes

What customers say about Marcy Regatta

The instructions are very poorly written and some diagrams are confusing. For a 6 foot person, the motion is fine and it is an amazing workout. Pretty good for the price I paid. I would recommend this to people on a budget.

Good item. Beautifully built and easy to construct. But my only point is that on maximum tension, it is not very physically demanding (for me).

Packaging was very good. Very easy to move the machine as it folds.

Delivered on time, easy assembled and am very satisfied with this machine.


In general, Marcy Regatta Folding Rowing Machine is high rated fitness equipment that is praised by many users. Occasionally you get issues like straps stripped off the machine or malfunctioning display, but since the manufacturer offers a warranty, there is nothing to worry about.

This machine would suit beginner and intermediate user. If you are an advanced user that is looking for a challenge, please look into other machines.

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