Marcy RM413 Rowing Machine Review

Marcy RM413 Magnetic Rowing Machine
Marcy RM413 Magnetic Rowing Machine
Marcy RM413 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Marcy RM413 Features

  • Able to fold
  • Wheels for transporting
  • Made of aluminium
  • Resistance level adjustment
  • LCD tracking monitor
  • Ergonomical
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Smooth and noiseless

Marcy RM413 Specification

  • Dimensions – 183 cm x 56 cm x 78 cm
  • Weight –26.5kg
  • Max User Weight – 110kg

Marcy RM413 Rowing Machine Review

Marcy rowing machines are one of the best in the market of budget rowers. Marcy RM413, in particular, is a magnetic type of rowing machine, permitting a sailing, soundless rowing experiences. The machine strikes the perfect balance of robust resistance and painless cooperation.

Unlike rowing machines with air-based resistance — which are noisier and provide a rougher and less natural stroke — magnetic rowers such as this deliver a fantastic, unforgettably seamless experience, besides just being a pleasure to use.

RM413 offers eight levels of manual resistance, along with an easily adjustable 4kg flywheel, designed to fit the desired intensity of your workout. The resistance adjustment dial is located right under the handle, so you can easily access it in between row sessions – especially when feeling ready to tackle more significant challenges!

The downside of the resistance of Marcy RM413 is that it may render this machine a bit less challenging for intermediate and more advanced users. Some advanced users may find the highest level of resistance is too easy for them, as this machine, in particular, is perhaps better suited for those beginners who need an accessible introduction to encourage them further.

Like most rowers in this price category, Marcy RM413 comes with LCD tracking monitor that will tell you your:

  • Distance
  • Time Elapsed
  • Speed
  • Strokes Per Minute
  • Strokes Count

You can set your fitness goals and keep track of progress with this monitor, which can further be tilted and adjusted to your desired position.

Marcy RM413 tracking monitor
Marcy RM413 tracking monitor

The rower seat is specially contoured ergonomically to deliver as much comfort as possible. Rower pedals can be quickly adjusted, also coming with pivots to accommodate most foot sizes. There are also comfortable foot straps that will securely keep your feet in the firm hold while performing rowing stroke, protecting you from injuries and giving you more control when rowing.

RM413 has an unusual foam handle that is easy to grip and is also very comfortable to hold while doing long row sessions. The ergonomic rower design will allow you to exercises under cosy circumstances, helping you to keep you going and help you achieve those fitness goals you’ve got.

This rowing machine is very light compared to other rowers, despite having a sturdy aluminium rail. You can fold this rower in half by releasing a single pin; the rail will quickly fold, reducing its size significantly and making it easier to store away under the bed or a closet until the next use.

Conversely, the rower’s pin also allows the unique quick-release pin to poise the machine back up for action. Coming with transportation wheels for smooth, convenient shifting around, you can easily switch rooms, or travel farther away altogether!

Its special space-saving design and durable materials make it an excellent pick for anyone living in a smaller home or a flat.

Marcy RM413 Pros

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Resistance adjustment
  • Quiet operation
  • Foldable for ease of storing
  • Suitable for heavy weight users
  • Smooth rowing stroke due to magnetic resistance
  • Amazing pick for beginners
  • High quality, unisex design

Marcy RM413 Cons

  • Not suitable for more advanced rowers looking for intense hard workouts

Marcy RM413 FAQ

What is RM413 price?

At the time of updating this review, RM413 machine price on Amazon was £179.00, discounted from £250.

Where can I find Marcy RM413 instructions and manual?

RM413 instructions, as well as user manual, should have been included in the box that your machine has come in. If by any chance you have lost the manual with instructions or they did not arrive – please follow this link to get Marcy RM413 directions and manual electronic version.

What type of resistance is this machine using?

Marcy RM413 is an excellent example of the magnetic rowing machine. The resistance that the user is experiencing is coming from the magnets in the flywheel, hence making the stroke more smooth and quiet.

How loud is this machine?

The machine is extremely quiet thanks to the magnetic resistance. It creates some noise when you move back and forth but it is minimal and it is not disturbing at all. Some users reported using it in the dining rooms or living rooms while others are asleep.

How easy it is to move it around the house?

It is very easy to move it around the house because it has got 2 small wheels at the front. However, the machine itself can be quite heavy for some user, please be careful when you move it around.

How strong is the resistance?

This rowing machine has got decent resistance levels. It has got 8 levels of resistance, level 1 is very easy and you will barely feel anything when level 8 has proven to be a challenge even to most advanced users.

What customers say about Marcy RM413

This product was easy to assemble using clear and precise instructions. Has no storage problems as it folds in half nicely. But resistance levels are not great.

This is an OK rower for light cardio workout. Very quiet in use, small and compact, and has a display. But it lacks good resistance.

I’m so happy to find something that works so well for a flat. My friend, who’s more fit, says the rower’s really good, despite being so small.

It does a decent job, it is very comfortable to use, overall you get good value for this price.

Model looks and feels nice. It really motivated me to form a consistent workout routine.

This machine is good but would not recommend it to anyone who is taller than 6 feet. Very uncomfortable movement for someone like me — I’m 6ft3.


The machine, in general, delivers an amazing and smooth rowing experience, and its eight resistance levels make it perfect for beginners and intermediate users. We think that advanced users may find resistance at the highest level too easy for them.

If you are a beginner that is looking for a compact rowing machine for home use – Marcy RM413 will be a smart choice. In case you’re more advanced, have a higher budget, or own a dedicated room for fitness – check out other, more professional rowing machine. This machine is mentioned as one of the most robust machines in our best rowing machines for the home list.

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