Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 Rowing Machine Review

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 Rowing Machine
Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 Rowing Machine
Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 Rowing Machine

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 Features

  • Suitable for tall users
  • Multiple resistance levels
  • LCD display
  • Foldable design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 Specification

  • Dimensions – 230 cm x 48 cm x 89 cm
  • Weight – 34.5 kg
  • Max user weight – 135 kg
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 Rowing Machine Review

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 is a rowing machine that is made to become a reliable training buddy for you. It features sturdy design, comfortable specifically designed seats, multiple resistance levels and more. Marcy rowing machines are one of the best in the market of budget rowers. With this rowing machine you will put your fitness to the next level.

Onyx Geneva 6000 has been designed by Marcy to last for ages. It’s rail is made from aluminium while its legs are made from metal. If you plan to use this rower every day for long sessions – it won’t fall apart so easy.

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 Dimensions
Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 Dimensions

When ordering this machine from Amazon, it will arrive boxed with all the parts needed to assemble machine inside it. Also it will include instruction manual and a step-by-step instruction how to assemble the machine yourself. Please keep in mind that you might need some additional tools to assemble it, having power tools will speed up process of assembling it. Usually it takes around an hour to assemble this machine.

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 is a machine that brings you tension thanks to resistance. It comes from an air fan located at the front of the machine.  You can tweak the lever under the LCD display to change the resistance. Also the faster you row the harder it gets. Air resistance is very reliable and it feels very smooth as well.

This rower has great rubberised feet that can be angled to 4 different position. It also has a velco strap and foot holder for extra comfort and safe rowing experience. The seat is padded and is wide and long, with mould-injected foam on sealed ball bearing rollers that allow for smooth rowing stroke. For extra comfort, handles are foamed with reinforced stitched nylon strap.

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 LCD Display
Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 LCD Display

Onyx Geneva 6000 comes with built-in LCD display tracking monitor. It is battery powered, and yes, battery is included in a box when you order the machine.

LCD console will scroll through the following vital workout stats:

  • Time
  • Speed (in kilometres)
  • Distance (in kilometres)
  • Calories
  • Stroke count
  • RPM

One of the main selling points for this rowing machine is that it can fold in half. Simply release one pin and fold the rail upward. It also is a lightweight machine and has roller wheels at the front so you should have no problem at all moving this machine around.

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 can accommodate fairly large and tall users. A user that weighs 135kg (21.2 stone) and/or as tall as 6ft5 will feel comfortable using this machine and will be able to perform a full rowing stroke. It is a rower that was designed for tall and heavy people.

On the downside of things, LCD tracking monitor could be more advanced. It could show more metrics as well as have been backlit so you would be able to see everything written on a screen even in a poorly lit room.


  • No cords – battery powered console
  • Comfortable seat
  • LCD tracking display
  • Easy to move around
  • Great stylish design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great value


  • LCD screen could have been more advanced
  • Easy yet long assembly process

What customers say about Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000

This is an amazingly good machine for its price! This is a must buy for everyone who were not sure about paying for more expensive machine yet wanted to have a good one at home gym. Great value for its price!

It took me more than an hour to assemble this machine, but once I was done – I jumped on a long rowing session straight away. Very smooth rowing, very comfortable when going fast but it does get quite harder. Air does make sound though

The rower itself is very good, no real issues with it apart from screen being too dark to read in the evening as well as changing batteries for it. It is very smooth to use and feels like one of the expensive gym machines.

This seems like a very well built and designed machine. After couple of months of using it I got no issues with it at all. It gives great workout and my partner is also happy with it.


We recommend this machine to first buyers. This is a great machine for its price, which is £299 at the time of writing this review. It has got professional features, can fold in half, lightweight and most importantly tall people will feel comfortable using it.

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