Marcy Azure RE1016 Rowing Machine Review

Marcy Azure RE1016 Rowing Machine
Marcy Azure RE1016 Rowing Machine
Marcy Azure RE1016 Rowing Machine

Marcy Azure RE1016 Features

  • An LCD tracking monitor with continuous scrolling through
  • Tablet/Phone holder
  • Lightweight
  • Eight levels of adjustable resistance
  • Foldable
  • Comfortable due to a soft, padded seat
  • Pedals securing feet with Velcro

Marcy Azure RE1016 Specification

  • Dimensions – 180 cm x 49 cm x 87 cm
  • Weight – 26 kg
  • Max user weight – 110 kg
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Marcy Azure RE1016 Rowing Machine Review

Marcy Azure RE1016 is a beginner rowing machine that is here to help you tone your muscles, combining comfort, affordability, and entertainment — all in the pursuit of health and fitness! Marcy rowing machines are known as one of the best in the market of budget rowers, without compromising the quality of the workout.

Azure RE1016 is a stylish and well-designed quality rower. It features solid aluminium rail, robust seat rollers and thick steel that feels smooth and robust. It is very sturdy and has been designed to last for ages.

Marcy Azure RE1016 Parts Explained In Detail
Marcy Azure RE1016 Parts Explained In Detail

When you order this machine, it will arrive at your doorstep in a box. The box will include all the parts that are required to assemble the device as well as a step by step instructions. It usually takes around 45 minutes to assemble this machine. Please note you may need additional tools to fully assemble this rower.

Marcy Azure RE1016 is featuring magnetic resistance, presenting eight manually adjustable levels. Magnetic resistance essentially means low to no noise when in operation, while also adding an immense smoothness to the motions. It’s ideal for someone willing to work out in the evenings or at night without disturbing neighbours or housemates, but it also undoubtedly helps when trying to listen to or watch something via your phone/tablet (also made easier by the stand). To adjust the resistance, however, twist the knob that is found under the LCD tracking monitor.

The seat is ergonomically designed, and it is padded with soft foam. It also features smooth rollers for smooth gliding on the aluminium rail. Pedals are pivoting and feature strap so you can secure your feet and get the pressure off your ankles, preventing injury and guaranteeing no needless effort will be put on your part. For extra comfort, handles were padded with foam as well and stitched with a nylon strap.

Computer display comes attached to the rower. Unfortunately, it is not backlit, so it may be harder to read your workout stats in a poorly lit room. The console is powered by two AA batteries, making it convenient for someone who wants to work out in a place without power socket, but also, in general, making it easier to start the screen without cable complications.

Marcy Azure RE1016 LCD Display
Marcy Azure RE1016 LCD Display

The display is simplified: it has only one button, and it display workout feedback instantly. The console will scroll through and show you following workout stats:

  • Time elapsed
  • Calories burnt
  • Strokes
  • Total Strokes

When your workout is finished, this machine has a very convenient feature of folding in half. To fold device in half, release one pin and then move the rail upwards. The rower is also decidedly lighter than the more professional and expensive rowers, making it very easy to move around and to store out of sight.

The machine can accommodate users up to 110 kg and 6 ft tall. This machine is especially great for teenagers or female users, although undoubtedly anyone can use it to its full potential.

Also one of its simple but precious features is phone/tablet holder. Mentioned throughout, we believe this to be one of the key components that could help potential clients with their motivation. Often, the decision lies between binging series or getting fit, yet this phone/tablet stand will get your body working, while also engaging your mind in a binge-worthy Netflix series, YouTube, a movie, a workout routine video, music, or a podcast!

Marcy Azure RE1016 Pros

  • Great value
  • LCD tracking monitor
  • Phone/Tablet holder
  • Folds in half to save space
  • Smooth rowing
  • Quiet in operation
  • Lightweight

Marcy Azure RE1016 Cons

  • No programs in tracking monitor
  • Not suitable for taller users
  • Not used to its full potential if the tablet/phone stand won’t be in use

Marcy Azure RE1016 FAQ

Is there an e-version of assembly instructions and user manual?

If for some reason the box that the machine came in didn’t include manual – you can always look for an electronic version. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to locate an e-version of the user guide for Marcy RE1016, so your best call is email the company that owns the brand and ask for the user guide being re-sent to you or scanned for you. Impex Fitness owns Marcy brand, and you can message them on this email:

What customers say about Marcy Azure RE1016

This is a great, affordable machine! I am a total beginner and currently workout on level 3 resistance. If I go to level 7 or 8 resistance, it starts to get very challenging to row. Also I put my phone on the holder and watch videos on YouTube. This is how you make getting fit fun if you aren’t a sporty person! Definitely this machine is here to stay for long time!

It is probably one of the best quality rowers for its price. It is very easy to assemble and use it. Also very convenient for people like me to fold it in half and put it away in a storage cupboard, as I am living in a flat and don’t have much space. Would recommend this amazing rower to beginners!

This is a cheap rowing machine that provides a professional rowing experience. It is ridiculously quiet compared to rowing machines I see in the gym and is as smooth as more expensive rowers. It does not have a lot of advanced features, but it is still a great rowing machine that runs smoothly and delivers great workout to its users.

Strongly built machine that I have been using for the past 6 months. The issue I have with it is that the screen is very simple. It definitely could be more advanced to keep up with newer models. Also it is quite hard to read it when it gets dark in the room. But these are minor downsides when you think about the huge amount of value you get for the fraction of a price of professional rowing machine.


Marcy Azure RE1016 is a great machine that provides an intense workout for full body and will help you reach fat loss goals as well as increase your general fitness levels. Unlike most other models out there, it keeps working-out relatively fun by enabling multitasking. This feature makes this model fit for non-sporty beginners, or generally more hesitant people who think they need an extra push towards motivation!

It is a great value machine that comes with some of the professional rower features. We recommend beginners to buy this machine — and to all those who buy it, to use the tablet/phone stand. RE1016 is picked as one of the best machines for beginners in our best home rowing machines list!

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