Kettler Favourite Rowing Machine Review

Kettler Favourite Rowing Machine

Kettler Favourite Rowing Machine

Kettler Favourite Features

  • High resolution tracking monitor
  • Ergonomically designed footplates
  • Quality build
  • Hydraulic cylinder resistance
  • Smooth glide along the coated aluminium rail
  • Three years warranty!

Kettler Favourite Specification

  • Dimensions – 129.5 cm x 38.1 cm x 22.9 cm
  • Weight – 24 kg
  • Max user weight – 130 kg
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

Kettler Favourite Rowing Machine Review

Kettler Favourite rowing machine is an amazing piece of gym equipment that was specifically designed to provide an all round workout maximising toning and allowing for faster fat loss all over the body: on the hips, arms and thighs.

Kettler is a German company that has a reputation of being a manufacturer of one of the best and reliable rowing machines on the market.

Kettler Favourite is truly an amazing product. It features a carbon steel frame that is also powder coated. It is very sturdy and robust machine that was designed to last even if you use it several times per day every day.

After buying this product on amazon, it will arrive in a box with step-by-step assembly manual included in the box. This is not the heaviest machine out on the market, so majority of people will be very comfortable moving it around. Assembly usually takes around 45 minutes and is very straightforward. Please note that additional tools are required in order to fully assemble the machine and start using it.

This machine is featuring not so popular hydraulic resistance pistons to provide user with the tension needed for workout. There are 50 different resistance settings that you can easily adjust to suit your needs! Advantage of hydraulic resistance is that is the quietest possible resistance. On the downside, some users have said that after about 30 minutes of workout the resistance start to become less difficult.

Kettler Favourite rower has been designed to provide maximum comfort for you. First of all, it features a thick padded seat that is extremely comfortable and will let you do long workout sessions. The seat glides very smooth along the coated carbon steel. Second, foot plates have been ergonomically designed and also can pivot to deliver maximum comfort for your feet as well as protect from any possible trauma.

This machine comes with built-in LCD digital display. It’s features include recovery feature that will provide amazing cardio workout for you. It also has a scan function that will rotate vital workout stats to the large area in the centre of display.

On the downside, the screen is hard to read in poorly lit premises as display has no light function. Also, if you want to get your pulse stats you need to purchase an optional infrared ear clip.

Kettler Favourite Rowing Machine LCD Display Monitor

Kettler Favourite Rowing Machine LCD Display Monitor

On the upside, the LCD console only uses two AA batteries, meaning you won’t need to have a power socket in order to use this machine. The screen will show following stats:

  • Distance rowed
  • Time elapsed
  • Energy consumed
  • Strokes per minute
  • Pulse rate
  • Frequency

After you finish the workout, you can put this machine aside to your storage room or under your bed. Thanks to its light weight, it is very easy to move it around and store.

Kettler Favourite will accommodate users who are up to 6ft tall and 130 kg height. Anyone who is higher or weigh more will not be able to comfortably workout using this machine.


  • Ergonomically designed seat and foot plate
  • Carbon steel frame
  • Long warranty period
  • Affordable price
  • LCD console battery powered
  • Compact size


  • Not suitable for tall users
  • Does not fold in half
  • Display is not back lit
  • Pulse sensor not included

What customers say about Kettler Favourite

Very good mid-range rowing machine. Kettler is definitely one of the best manufacturers on the market. Have been using machine for about a year now and got no issues, apart from hardening bolts every now and then but that is not a big issue at all.

I bought this machine after lots of online research and I really liked the size. It is very compact rowing machine as well as very comfortable to use. I got no problems with it apart from resistance getting a bit too easy after about 40 minutes of rowing.

This Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine is an excellent product. I am extremely happy with it. I’ve had other piston type rowing machines and a few were pretty good. But none came close to the Favorit. Very compact, easy to assemble and fold.

It is a great value product. Very affordable and long warranty. I use it on occasions when I can’t go to the gym and this machine has not let me down in providing a great workout and cardio at the comfort of my home.


Overall, it is a great value buy rowing machine. It combines German quality with great design and comfort.

It is also a very quiet machine, that will allow you to workout in the evenings and even at night without waking up your housemates/neighbours.

We would recommend this machine to beginners and intermediate users as it has plenty of resistance levels, it is designed to last for long and also has a long warranty period. It is definitely a great buy.

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