Kettler Axos Rowing Machine Review

Kettler Axos Rowing Machine

Kettler Axos Rowing Machine

Kettler Axos Features

  • 8 different resistance levels
  • Pivoting foot plates
  • LCD display
  • Foldable design

Kettler Axos Specification

  • Dimensions – 219 cm x 56 cm x 94 cm
  • Weight – 37 kg
  • Max user weight -130 kg
  • 3 years parts and labour warranty

Kettler Axos Rowing Machine Review

Kettler Axos is an affordable rowing machine that was designed to provide you with a full body workout in comfort of your home or flat. It was designed to be used by users of all levels and it is very sturdy and durable.

The rower is made from good quality aluminium and it features an LCD display that will help you keep track of your stats.

Kettler Axos will arrive in a box that will approximately weight 38 kg. In a box you will find clear step by step instructions on how to assemble rowing machine yourself. Instructions are only 2 pages! It will take around 30 minutes for two people to assemble it. Be careful when carrying the box by yourself.

Kettler Axos Rowing Machine LCD Display

Kettler Axos Rowing Machine LCD Display

Axos features 8 levels of different resistance. Resistance is powered by magnetic and air which makes this machine very silent when in operation. Small levels of resistance are quite easy and will suit most beginner users. But if you are looking for a challenge and a good workout move up to level 6 and above! It is the perfect resistance for anyone who is trying to get a full body workout and gain muscles rather than working on cardio.

The machine has been designed to give you most comfort while rowing. Kettler Axos seat glides easy and smooth thanks to special rail design. There are also footrests where you can position your feet for safety using straps. The footplates are also pivoting in order to minimise risk of injury while rowing.

Kettler Axos features an LCD tracking console that will show you following workout stats:

  • Strokes per minute
  • Total strokes
  • Count up/ Down timer
  • Pulse
  • Time
  • Distance

In order to measure your heart rate you need to buy an optional Ear Clip. The machine can also show you visual alarm if your pulse levels will be too high or too low. Very useful for someone who is aiming to keep specific heart rate.

A small complaint regarding the display – it is not back lit. It might be a bit hard to see display stats when you are working out in a darker space. Apart from that, it is a very easy and straightforward display that will help you reach your fitness goals.

After your workout, you can use a special know located in the middle of the machine to fold the rower in half. This simplifies storage task as well as is a big bonus for everyone who is tight on space at their home. Unfortunately transport wheels are not included so you will have to move the rower closer to the spot you want to store it and then fold it up.

Kettler Axos Rowing Machine Folded In Half

Kettler Axos Rowing Machine Folded In Half

This machine is perfect for heavy users. Kettler Axos is very sturdy and strong and it can comfortably accommodate users up to 130 kg of weight. If you are tall feel free to try this machine because it can let users of up to 6ft3 to fully extend their legs and have comfortable rowing session.

One of the minor complaints that users have is that after you reach stroke 9999, the unit will go back to 0000 and will start counting up again. It is a very small and petty complaint, and we are sure it won’t be an issue for most people.

Kettler Axos Rower Pro's & Con's


  • Low noise levels
  • Good resistance levels
  • Affordable for beginners
  • Can fold in half
  • Great design


  • Too simplistic looking LCD console
  • LCD console is not back lit
  • Machine is quite heavy for less fit users

Kettler Axos Rower FAQ

What is Kettler Axos rowing machine price?

At the time of writing this review the machine price was £379.00

Where can I find Kettler Axos rowing machine user manual?

The manual should have been included with the machine once you bought it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any user manual online, even on official website.

What customers say about Kettler Axos

This is an excellent rower! It is extremely well made. I have had it for 9 months and it still working well despite that I use it daily. It feels like a good buy for the price, it has loads of tension levels to choose from and it is also easy enough to assemble it on your own.

Kettler Axos is an ideal rowing machine that will provide you with ideal workout: it is comfortable to sit on it, foot straps are adjustable and feel very comfortable, there is a wide range of tensions and most important it doesn’t cost a fortune.

When this rowing machine arrived I had no problems with assembling it. I have tested it with 30 minutes workout: very smooth operation, display features are good.

The tension settings are excellent. 1 step increase is amazing for a person who is just begun getting fit after a decade of junk food and alcohol. In general this rower is a high quality piece of equipment that show no signs of wear and tear after 8 months of using it every other day.


This is a great mid range rowing machine that comes with great set of options such as folding in half for ease of storage or being very quiet so it won’t disturb your neighbours/family.

Of course this is no unicorn machine and it got its ups and downs, especially display could have been better. But you get plenty of resistance levels to choose from as well as option to either work towards loosing weight or trying to gain muscle.

This machine will suit beginner and intermediate users who are willing to tone up their body and improve their overall fitness levels.

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