JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine Review

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine
JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine
JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine

JTX Freedom Features

  • Air and magnetic resistance combination
  • 16 levels of different resistance
  • 8 pre-set training programs
  • Free heart rate track
  • Solid aluminium build
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable workout
  • Free delivery
  • Wireless chest strap

JTX Freedom Specification

  • Dimensions – 225 cm x 58 cm 86 cm
  • Weight – 37 kg
  • Maximum user weight – 130 kg
  • Manufacturer 2 year in-home repair warranty included

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine Review

JTX Freedom Air is one of the industry’s best folding rowing machine. Guaranteeing a wide range of accessibility for all ages and abilities, this amazing machine uses a mixture of air and magnetic resistance to provide you with 16 different resistance levels, and also 8 available workout programs.

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine Folded In Half
JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine Folded In Half

The machine is big enough for tall users to enjoy a full stroke comfortably. It has been built for users that would expect a gym quality workout from their machine, being made with a solid quality aluminium frame while also being foldable in half when not in use. By also saving some space besides everything else it does, JTX Freedom mixes the reliability of gym-level equipment with the convenience of bringing it home, using it whenever, and progressing at your own pace.

To assemble this machine, just read the instructions that come with the parts. Simply worded and straightforward, you can be assured of a fast and easy assembly, usually taking about half an hour. As for delivery of the machine, you can get a FREE delivery in mainland UK.

JTX Freedom is built from a good quality, robustly reinforced aluminium, allowing the machine to accommodate larger users of up to 20 stone weight (130 kg). The machine itself is quite long and guarantees 6ft2 users and above the comfort of completing a full rowing stroke, once again adding to the wide accessibility of this rower model.

When you assemble the rower and sit on it for the first time, you can easily adjust the foot pedals and console position to suit your size and preference. The seat is also well-made and generously padded, promoting and being prepared for long-term, intensive use.

The handles are ergonomically made so that the bar can be brought right to your chest for the full rowing stroke motion, all the while providing a secure, comfortable grip. Pedals also have 6 different adjustments, so that besides permitting everyone to adjust to their own preference, the possibility of that preference changing can also be accommodated by a variety of positions.

JTX Freedom rowing machine comes with an amazing, one-of-a-kind display monitor. The monitor screen comes with backlight, so you will be able to view it under any light conditions. You also control resistance levels through monitor, also giving you 8 pre-programmed workouts that you can choose — besides creating your own, of course.

Moreover, the pre-programmed workout routines can be regulated by a wireless chest strap that’s provided to you. You can use it to set a target heart rate, and the machine’s resistance will automatically adapt to ensure the optimal effort leads to the desired heart rate. This is a feature that’s rarely seen on indoors rowers, truly bringing to life the principle of gym-level quality to your home.

Apart from all these features and being able to adjust its height, positioning and pivot for your comfort, the monitor can show the following metrics:

JTX Freedom Display Monitor Screen
JTX Freedom Display Monitor Screen
  • Your speed
  • Distance rowed
  • Time elapsed
  • Stroke
  • 500m split time
  • Torque/power
  • Strokes per minute
  • Heart rate

After you finish your workout, you can easily fold the machine and put it away in the corner or against the wall to save space, reducing the machine’s size by an astounding 112 cm!


  • Amazing advanced display monitor
  • Very good quality solid build
  • 16 resistance levels and 8 pre-set programs
  • Foldable design
  • Suitable for large and tall users
  • Uniquely tailored workouts via the wireless chest strap


  • Heavy machine
  • Expensive
  • Can be rather complex for beginners

What customers say about JTX Freedom

This is a great rower. Feels smooth and is a good workout for me and my partner. Took about an hour to assemble by myself.

Very good rower so far. I have used it for about a month. It does have good programs. Amazing for interval training.

This rower has amazing resistance level. I am happy to work myself up from resistance 1 to 16. Very good workout for my body.

Can be a bit heavy and difficult to move it around. Awesome bit of kit. Very solid design. It fit nicely in a garage gym. This machine has professional rower quality.

With the chest strap they give you, it feels like having a gym instructor who knows what pace is best for you!


Before buying this machine, keep in mind that it is quite heavy, although mostly attributable to the solid construction. You might have some trouble moving it around if you are not fit enough, although that could be a good measure of your progress with the machine! This machine also doesn’t have wheels that would make it easier to move it around.

Apart from those minor downs, we are very satisfied with this machine. It is a high end rower that brings amazing range of progress and accessibility to everyone, being also designed to last for long time. It is quite pricey, but it is worth it if you are planning to work hard. With the wireless chest strap, it’ll help you work smart as well.

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