JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine Review

JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine
JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine
JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine

JLL R200 Features

  • Ten magnetic resistance levels
  • Foldable in half for space saving
  • In-built wheels ensure ease of transportation
  • Very light machine
  • Affordable price tag
  • Quiet when rowing thanks to the magnetic resistance
  • Great for beginners — but also great for progression

JLL R200 Specification

  • Dimensions – 180 cm x 52 cm x 49 cm
  • Weight – 23 kg
  • Max user weight – 100 kg
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

JLL R200 Rowing Machine Review

JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine is an amazing value machine. You get what you pay for: a well-simulated rowing experience which provides a thorough workout to your whole body. It is very sturdy, and it looks superior to some of the other robust rowing machines, while still guaranteeing the utmost comfort of grip and seating.

While looking very futuristic, the machine features a design that mixes the typicality of your local gym or fitness centre with the newer, first-rate equipment that’s made available to the average person. Made from durable good quality materials, such as aluminium, the JLL R200 model comes with a plethora of easily accessible and easily modifiable functions.

The rowing machine comes boxed with everything you need, making it exceedingly easy to assemble it all by yourself at home. Unlike most of its kind, it is very light and easily movable, so you can always change your mind about its position. The instructions are self-explanatory and simple and provide a close step-by-step tutorial, making it easy to follow, usually leading to around 30 minutes to assemble it. Overall, that makes it very easy to use it as soon as you get it! Follow this article down to the FAQ section to find JLL R200 rowing machine assembly instructions.

JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine Folded In Half
JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine Folded In Half

By coming with a unique, ergonomic, foam-padded seat to provide you with that extra bit of comfort, you’ll get the chance to have longer and more productive rowing sessions. The seat slides very smoothly due to its double-wheeled sliding mechanism.

The handlebar is located right above the LCD tracking console. It makes it very comfortable to check your stats without stopping the rowing session. Also, this machine comes with pivoting foot plates and solid foot straps to keep your feet in place while exercising and to protect you from trauma and injuries. Pedals are also textured for a better grip, giving you a smooth rowing experience.

To further improve the rowing experience, JLL R200 provides its users with the newly employed magnetic resistance — so a magnet is situated close to the flywheel and determines the intensity of the workout. This machine comes with ten different resistance levels, which can be adjusted by turning the resistance changing knob right under the LCD tracking console.

Beginner or intermediate user will find this more than sufficient for a comprehensive, good workout. Perfect for someone who is thinking of getting into fitness and wants something easy and light to start with, this machine’s in-built progression system also ensures you can make use it for a long time after starting!

One of the features that users will appreciate is the lack of noise produced by this rowing machine, allowing a regular workout routine. Thanks to no distractions such as this, you can listen to your favourite podcast while exercising — which is heavily recommended by many, including us.

JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine LCD Screen
JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine LCD Screen

This machine comes with seven function LCD monitor that will show you all the vital stats you need to keep track of your progress:

  • Total count of rows
  • Calories burnt
  • Count per minute
  • The current count of rows
  • Distance rowed
  • Scan mode
  • Time mode

When rowing, use the scan feature that will automatically flip between main readings – you do not need to press any buttons during your session! On the downside, this display is not back-lit, which makes it a bit harder to read the stats in low light premises.

After you finish your workout, you will probably want to put this machine away to the storage room. Luckily, this machine features a foldable design, halving it and permitting easy disposal (temporarily, of course!). This feature is useful for everyone tight on space.

In general, this machine is a good-budget starter rowing machine that will suit intermediate and beginner users alike. If you are very fit and looking for a bigger challenge – look for more high-end machines for the advanced user.

JLL R200 Pros

  • Amazing choice of resistance levels
  • Great for beginner and intermediate users
  • Comes with LCD tracking screen
  • Sturdy design and construction
  • Easy to assemble with instructions
  • Folds in half to save space
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Well-padded seat

JLL R200 Cons

  • Not enough resistance for more fit users
  • The handle might be too large for some people
  • Difficult to read LCD screen

JLL R200 Luxury Rower F.A.Q

What is the weight of flywheel on R200?

Flywheel weight on this machine is 7 KG or roughly 15.5 pounds.

Where do I find an instruction manual for JLL R200 rowing machine?

You can find JLL R200 instruction manual on the official JLL website. Please follow this link to get the instructions manual. Instructions manual include safety instructions, assembly instructions, operation instructions and maintenance tips that include instruction on how to clean rowing machine.

JLL R200 monitor instructions

JLL R200 monitor is reasonably easy to use. If you are looking for JLL R200 monitor instructions, please go to official website instructions.

What is the price of JLL R200

At the time of writing this machine review, the price was about £200. This price is reasonably good for a rowing machine that provides so much value to its users!

How noisy is this machine?

This machine is not noisy at all. Also when comparing this machine with gym ones, the gym ones usually are bulkier and more robust as well as way noisier.

Does it have pre-programmed workouts?

This rowing machine does not come with pre-programmed workouts as it is an entry-level device. However, it does feature plenty of resistance levels that you can switch between to make your workout more interesting.

Will JLL R200 scratch the floor when having an aggressive workout session?

This rowing machine will not scratch the floor at all, however, it is recommended you buy this rowing machine floor mat to avoid any damage in case you have a fragile floor.

What customers say about JLL R200

Brilliant machine! You should buy it with confidence. It took 30 minutes to assemble it. I am a complete beginner and being very unfit after 25 years of smoking and drinking, so I picked this one as my starter rowing machine. This machine does its job very well!

What you get is a great machine for an amateur rower. Twenty minutes per day rowing session goes very smooth and quiet. Ideal for the home use!

This machine is still working after months of use! And it is only for a fraction of the price of a professional one! Definitely a good buy for home!

The handles seem a bit big and clunky at times, but I suppose it adds to the authentic rowing experience…


JLL R200 is an excellent machine if you are looking for a starter one. Majority of the reviews are positive, and they paint a picture of a device that is very reliable, easy to use and great for beginner users

It is easy to assemble and has plenty of resistance for beginner and intermediate users. It is also very light, and it can fold in half as well! Don’t forget the fact that it also comes with a 7-function tracking console.

Yes, there are downsides, such as the screen not being strongly lit enough and the handlebar is a bit too large for some people. But this machine is a perfect example of a great budget rower. Usually, machines that come with these features cost twice as much, however.

Robust, professional, affordable. What else can we say? Check this machine out for yourself.

JLL R200 was picked as best value rower in our best rowing machines for home list!

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