Finnlo Aquon Evolution Rowing Machine Review

Finnlo Aquon Evolution Rowing Machine
Finnlo Aquon Evolution Rowing Machine
Finnlo Aquon Evolution Rowing Machine

Finnlo Aquon Evolution Features

  • Folds in half to save space
  • Supports large user weight
  • Qualifies for all German standards
  • Modern LCD tracking monitor

Finnlo Aquon Evolution Specification

  • Dimensions – 240 cm x 50 cm x 107 cm
  • Weight – 52 kg
  • Max user weight – 130 kg
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty

Finnlo Aquon Evolution Rowing Machine Review

Aquon Evolution is an amazing programmable professional rowing machine made by a well established German company. Aquon Evolution has passed all the strict German quality standards such as TUV and GS, which are considerably stricter and superior to CE.

The machine is made of durable materials such as coated steel, aluminium, rubber and plastic. This machine is a professional rower that has proven to be quite durable and show none to a small sign of wear and tear.

You can order Finnlo Aquon Evolution on Amazon. The machine will come in a box that weighs about 52 kilograms or around eight stone. Please carry the box that machine came in with care. The box will include the machine parts, user instructions and power supply. User instructions will guide you through the step-by-step assembly process. Usually, it takes around an hour and a half to assemble this machine, but having power tools will significantly speed up the process.

The machine features a unique combination of air and magnetic flywheel. This rower provides the best rowing experience close to real life – smooth and quiet stroking. Users can adjust the resistance levels via the onboard computer.

Handles on this rowing machine are made from foam and covered with leather – it helps to prevent hands slipping when you have an intense rowing session, as well as it feels very comfortable. Foot plates on this machine can turn to different positions to provide maximum comfort while training, also the Velcro straps will keep your feet in place and protect against injuries. The seat was also designed ergonomically to provide maximum comfort and help you feel good during long workout sessions.

Finnlo Aquon Evolution Rowing Machine Folded In Half
Finnlo Aquon Evolution Rowing Machine Folded In Half

Finnlo Aquon Evolution comes with 2-coloured LCD tracking monitor. One of the main unique selling points for this rowing machine is that it has 12 fitness programs pre-programmed in the tracking monitor, four pulse and one race programs. Also, this machine tracking monitor can store four different users settings.

The screen will show you the following workout stats:

  • Time elapsed
  • Watts
  • Level
  • Strokes Per Minute
  • Heart rate
  • Strokes in Total
  • Time for 500 metres
  • Distance
  • Calories Burned

The screen is being powered off the power socket, so the machine needs to be close to a socket to operate.

After you finish rowing, you can fold this machine in half and put it under the bed or in a storage cupboard! This machine was specifically designed to save space, and for ease of moving machine around, there are transport wheels at the front.

Finnlo Aquon Evolution rowing machine is very versatile and will suit users of all sizes. This machine officially supports users up to 6ft6 or 2m and 130kg or 20.5 stones. Ideal for family!

Finnlo Aquon Evolution Pros

  • Pre-programmed fitness programs
  • High tech display
  • Quiet in operation
  • Durable materials
  • Long warranty period
  • Foldable design
  • Ergonomic foot plate and seat

Finnlo Aquon Evolution Cons

  • Costs a bit more than other machines
  • Power socket needed in order to operate

Finnlo Aquon Evolution FAQ

Does it come with a chest belt for heart rate?

Unfortunately to use the functionality that is related to heart rate (pulse race programs) you have to buy chest strap as an additional item.

Can it fold in half?

Yes! It is very straightforward when you want to fold the machine – pull the lever and fold in half. For your comfort of manoeuvring around with this machine, there are small roller wheels at the front.

Is resistance enough to provide a challenge?

This machine comes with plenty of resistance levels as well as 12 different fitness programs and four pulse programs. This rower has been made to provide a challenge to intermediate and advanced users.

What is used to power the display?

To power two colour display you have to plug the machine in the socket using the power supply that was provided with the device.

What customers say about Finnlo Aquon Evolution

This is a professional rower that will get good all round level of workout. It works major muscles groups such as chest, back and legs. It is a fantastic professional rowing machine.

If you can afford one – buy it. This is a professional rowing machine that will last for years and years. It is a great investment in your fitness as well as great addition to home gym.

Whatever level of fitness you have and whatever level of fitness you are trying to achieve this machine will help. Used to love running but me calves have given up. Needed something to keep me fit and toned and this fits the bill. Great bit of kit very sturdy and well made.

It is hard to imagine a better rower than Aquon Evolution. As a 6 foot 4 guy who weighs 270 pounds, i needed something sturdy that wouldn’t crumble. Extremely sturdy. Build quality is excellent. Gives an excellent workout.


This device is an excellent professional rowing machine that has got a lot of features such as pulse meter, pre-programmed workouts; it can also support users of different weight and sizes.

Finnlo Aquon Evolution Rowing Machine
Finnlo Aquon Evolution Rowing Machine

The only downside with this rower is its price, as it is a bit too much for single person use. But it is an ideal machine for the home gym for the whole family to use as it can store up to 4 users workout information and settings presets.

I recommend this machine to everyone who is intermediate or advanced rower.

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