Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine Review

Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine
Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine
Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine

Bodymax Infiniti R90 Features

  • 12 built-in workout programs
  • Adjustable, comfortable foot pedals
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Quiet rowing machine
  • Two-colour LCD monitor
  • Foldable in half

Bodymax Infiniti R90 Specification

  • Dimensions – 237 cm x 50 cm x 91 cm
  • Weight – 42 kg
  • Max user weight – 120 kg
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine Review

Bodymax Infiniti R90 stands amongst one of the best indoor rowing machines in our books. It is easy to assemble,  made from durable materials, and it also supports heavy and tall users.

This machine is made from aluminium. It is an excellent and robust high-quality build. This rower has been designed to last for long. It even comes with a 2-year warranty so if something goes wrong within that period – you can get your machine get repaired free of charge.

Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine folded in half
Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine folded in half

The box that machines come in is well packaged and includes everything you need to put this machine together all by yourself. It has clear step-by-step instructions so you won’t be left alone in the void if you stuck at some point of assembly. Usually, it takes around 45 minutes to set everything up and start rowing.

Infiniti R90 resistance comes from magnets. Since it is a magnetic resistance rower – it is hushed. Sixteen different resistance levels go from very easy to very hard. On the downside is that the tracking monitor controls resistance, so you need to make sure you plug in your machine to make everything work properly.

To ensure you get the best comfortable rowing experience, R90 features strap-on pivoting pedals that will keep your feet in one place and protect you from trauma. Foot pedals can also be adjusted to fit the right size. The handlebar is cushioned and is featuring resistance adjustments button on it. The seat is contoured and ergonomically designed as well as it glides very smoothly.

The LCD monitor that comes with this machine is just amazing. It is a two-colour, back-lit screen that has a dozen of advanced functions. First of all, it can save user profiles. So you can use this machine with other family members and have a user profile each for ease of tracking progress.

Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine LCD Monitor
Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine LCD Monitor

The monitor comes with built-in 12 workout programs such as weight loss, toning etc. There are also challenges and races that will add a bit of competition for you. The LCD screen will show you the following stats:

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Stroke
  • Calories
  • Torque
  • Stroke per minute
  • Heart rate (optional)

After you finish your workout session, this rowing machine offers an easy-fold system that will let you fold it in half very quickly. At the front of the rower, there are transport wheels that are very helpful when you are moving this machine around your room/home gym/garage.

This machine is doing a great job of accommodating heavy and tall users. Users up to 120 kg and over 6ft2 will be able to complete full rowing stroke in great comfort.

Although this machine offers plenty of exciting features, we are disappointed that the heart rate monitor is optional. To use heart rate control programs on the monitor and keep track of your heart rate you need to purchase an additional wireless Infiniti Heart Rate Transmitter.

Please note that this machine must be plugged into the power socket when you are rowing. It is crucial because you control your resistance with an onboard monitor. If it is not connected to power – you can’t use one of the best features this machine is offering. You will need to find a space with electrical sockets to make this machine work.

And the last downside is that users who had a machine for a while complaining about seat squeaky noise. But it can easily be fixed with just a small touch of lubricant. Not a big issue at all and it can happen to any other machine if you use it regularly.

Infiniti R90 Pros

  • Pre-programmed workout programs
  • User profiles
  • Easily folds in half for space saving
  • Transport wheels at the front of the rower

Infiniti R90 Cons

  • Heart Rate monitor is optional
  • Need electricity to operate properly
  • The seat can be noisy

Bodymax Fitness Infiniti R90 FAQ

Where can I download Bodymax Infiniti R90 manual

You can download the infiniti r90 manual here. Also, the user manual and assembly instructions are included with the machine parts that came in a box once you ordered this product.

Is Bodymax Fitness R90 good for toning?

This is a perfect example of a rowing machine that was designed to provide muscle toning, cardio exercise. You will also increase muscle strength by using this machine regularly.

Does it have to be plugged in to be used?

In order to make the monitor work as well as use the machine functionality, you need to plug it into the socket. If it is not plugged in it won’t work. However, the CPU on the monitor will remember your details and any inputted profiles if you unplug the machine.

What customers say about Bodymax Infiniti R90

This machine is more expensive than other. But you get really good value for what you pay. Dozen of feature such as user profiles. Me and my wife both keep track of our own progress with ease.

The machine is worth every penny. It is epic! The onboard computer has plenty of good programs and resistance levels can go from light to very intense. Also it stores away real nice.

A great gym-quality rowing machine for only the fracture of a price. I exercise every day and I already feel my cardio and body improving. Before starting rowing check out YouTube videos on the correct posture.

As a tall user (6ft3) I can say that this model lets me complete full rowing stroke.


This machine can come around quite pricey for beginners, but it is one of our best picks. It has plenty of professional features such as challenges, workout programs and user profiles. Also, it has plenty of resistance levels so it will suit users from beginners to advanced.

We understand that buying this machine as your first one might not be a good idea. But if you are familiar with rowing and you are willing to work out regularly, then this is exactly kind of machine that you need. It is a well-engineered machine that will last for long.

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