Bodymax Infiniti R70i Rowing Machine Review

Bodymax Infiniti R70i Rowing Machine
Bodymax Infiniti R70i Rowing Machine
Bodymax Infiniti R70i Rowing Machine

Bodymax Infiniti R70i Features

  • Advanced tracking monitor
  • Air/magnetic resistance
  • 12 built-in workout programs
  • Foldable in half
  • Solid, high-quality build
  • Optional heart rate transmitter

Bodymax Infiniti R70i Specification

  • Dimensions – 198 cm x 46 cm x 86 cm
  • Weight – 35 kg
  • Max user weight – 120 kg
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Bodymax Infiniti R70i Rowing Machine Review

Infiniti R70i is an amazing mid-price rowing machine that features an advanced onboard computer that also controls the resistance system. This machine has been designed to satisfy both beginners and advanced users.

Many features you will find on Bodymax Infiniti R70i are the same ones you will see on high-end rowing machines. Wireless Heart Transmission, built-in workout programs and computer controlled resistance levels are some of these impressive features.

One of the main advantages of R70i is its price – its price is less than it’s competitors price. However, it is very well-built with high-quality materials. To prove this, r70i has been tested and certified to strict German TUV standards for safety and design.

Bodymax Infiniti R70i Rowing Machine Tracking Monitor
Bodymax Infiniti R70i Rowing Machine Tracking Monitor

One of the main features of this rowing machine is its computer console. It is relatively large and is also backlit so you can quickly check your workout vital stats even in dark premises. The computer will show you the following stats:

  • Speed
  • Stroke
  • Distance
  • Watts
  • Time
  • Calories Burned
  • Torque
  • Strokes per minute
  • Heart Rate (if you have heart rate transmitter which is optional)

This machine has 16 different resistance levels which are controlled and adjusted through the computer console. You can change your resistance level by pressing a button next to the tracking console.

The console also offers 12 built-in workout programs! Those programs include weight loss, racing programs, body toning etc. It is a fantastic pick for someone who is looking to get fit but can’t spare time to go to the gym.

This machine has specifically designed sturdy foot pedals that feature Velcro straps. They will keep your feet firmly in place for the rest of your workout and protect you from traumas. The seat is ergonomically designed and will let you have long workout sessions without making you feel uncomfortable.

After you have done working out, you can fold this rower in half and push it into the storage room or corner of the apartment. r70i has built-in transport wheels, making it easy for people of all shapes and sizes to quickly move this machine around.

Bodymax Infiniti R70i Rowing Machine Folded In Half
Bodymax Infiniti R70i Rowing Machine Folded In Half

One of the downsides is that Infiniti Heart Rate Transmitter is not included in the box. It means that if you want to transmit your heart rate to the computer, you have to buy an additional ‘gadget’ to this machine.

Bodymax Infiniti R70i Pros

  • Foldable design for space saving
  • Lods of built-in workout programs
  • Changeable resistance levels
  • Transport wheels for ease of moving around
  • Certified to meet tough German TUV standards for safety and design
  • The advanced backlit LCD
  • Foldable in half
  • Sturdy and solid, built to last long

Bodymax Infiniti R70i Cons

  • A bit more expensive than other rowers
  • Heart rate transmitter is not included (optional)

Infiniti R70i Super Programmable Rower FAQ

Where can I find Bodymax Infiniti r70i manual?

User manual for r70i is included in a box when you order your machine. If for some reason it didn’t arrive, or you have lost your manual, please follow this link to get r70i user manual electronic version.

Can r70i footrests pivot?

Yes, the footrests are specifically designed to pivot to provide maximum comfort to the user. This feature also helps prevent a lot of foot injuries!

Is the Bodymax r70i monitor powered with batteries?

No, the monitor doesn’t use batteries. The power to the monitor comes from the mains.

I am 6ft7, is this machine suitable for me?

Unfortunately, this machine won’t be able to deliver the best workout for a person of this height. You won’t be able to extend your legs fully while rowing as the machine is not made for users this tall. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is to look for a more expensive device.

How is this machine powered?

The machine is powered by mains – you have to connect it to a power socket with a cord in order to use it as well as to power the screen. Without power, this machine won’t work.

Does it have pre-programmed workouts?

R70i comes with 12 programmed that include race and weight loss programmes. It is perfect for a beginner who needs some guidance as well as step by step challenge to reach fitness goals be it toning a body or losing weight.

What customers say about Bodymax Infiniti R70i

Good piece of kit! Well built and reasonably priced. Arrived quick and it took less than an hour to assemble it. Easy to use as well for a beginner as me. Would recommend it to everyone!

It was very easy to build the machine after it arrived. I have started working out straight away. Very smooth rowing. A bit dissapointed that heart rate transmitter is not included. Apart from that – it is an excellent rowing machine

Very tough resistance levels. If you are looking for a hard workout – this machine is definitely for you

I am over 6’2” and I have some issues with maintaining good form due to leg length. Apart from this – it is an amazing machine. Absolutely in love with it!


This rowing machine is a fantastic pick for everyone who is looking to buy a mid-range rowing machine. It has got advanced functionality; it has plenty of resistance levels to suit users from beginners to advanced; it has even been certified up to strict German standards.

The computer on this machine is large; it has plenty of built-in programs that will give you an amazing workout! Yes, this machine is a bit pricey, but you get a lot with it as well. It is not as expensive and great as Concept 2, but it is one of the most advanced models on the market.

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