Body Sculpture BR3301 Rowing Machine Review

Body Sculpture BR3301 Rowing Machine
Body Sculpture BR3301 Rowing Machine
Body Sculpture BR3301 Rowing Machine

Body Sculpture BR3301 Features

  • Manual tension control
  • LCD display
  • Folds in half
  • Easy to transport around
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good quality materials
  • Integrated gaming!

BR3301 Specification

  • Dimensions – 200 cm x 60 cm x 83 cm
  • Weight – 39 kg
  • Max user weight – 100 kg
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Body Sculpture BR3301 Rowing Machine Review

BR3301 is another great rowing machine made by Body Sculpture, one of the leaders in the gym equipment industry. BR3301 is a very sturdy machine that has most of the features of professional rowing machines, bringing a superb standard of gym machines to the comforts of enthusiasts’ homes!

The machine has been made from great quality materials: the sturdy aluminium frame supplies extra durability and reliability. Moreover, the seat of the machine is mounted on six wheels to provide effortless, soundless, and painless rowing! The sheer numbers of wheels multiplies the smoothness of the exercise, improving the rate of progress significantly.

If you order this product on Amazon, you will get it delivered for free right to your doorstep. The machine parts will come in a box, which will also include user manual and step-by-step instructions. Written in simple and straightforward language, the relatively simple machine is easy to assemble.

Without power tools, assembling the tower typically takes an hour. Please be careful when carrying this box around; in fact, we recommend you having someone to help you with it, as the unit is quite heavy! It’s entirely possible to construct it and exercise within the same day.

Body Sculpture BR3301 Folded In Half
Body Sculpture BR3301 Folded In Half

Body Sculpture BR3301 features magnetic resistance. This means that the machine is virtually silent, and as no movement or friction is overtly visible, the exercise is often enhanced. The resistance on this rower can be manually adjusted using the resistance knob beneath the handle. Feel free to adjust it to match your needs and comfort-level, and keep in mind that there’s plenty of progression that this machine can offer for the future.

There are currently 8 different resistance levels offered by the BR3301. The first resistance level is perfectly suited for a beginner, but if you are looking for more challenging workout, tension can be increased as instructed above. Subsequent levels of resistance progress all the way to an advanced level, therefore permitting long-term use of this machine.

The footplates on this rowing machine are amazing – they can pivot to fit your feet perfectly, also coming with the straps that will keep your feet safe and firmly in place during the workout. With your feet secure and comfortable, you’ll be able to take complete control over the rowing and be able to exercise much more effectively and confidently!

The seat on Body Sculpture BR3301 has specific textures to prevent you from sliding up and down during sweaty, tough workouts. Ergonomically designed, the seat also provides maximum comfort during your workout.

This rowing machine comes with an amazing LCD display. One of the greatest features of it is that there are 3 unique, integrated racing games that will allow you to race against the computer. This is great for motivation, boredom and making your workout more fun and dynamic. Although no PS4, the innate connection between the game, your stats, and your exercise creates an interesting, new, and quite real experience!

Body Sculpture BR3301 Display
Body Sculpture BR3301 Display

The screen will — besides entertaining you during your routine — show you following stats:

  • Time Elapsed
  • Distance Rowed
  • Total Strokes
  • Strokes Per Minute
  • Calories Burned

The machine has been designed to also fold away with ease once you have finished your workout. Simply release a pin and fold the machine in half, then take it to the storage place. For those wondering – this machine doesn’t take much space and will not cause much trouble for anyone who is short on space. In fact, it’s specifically designed for an integral home workout that is extra compassionate to small rooms.

BR3301 can sustain users who weigh up to 100 kg or 16 stones. Users who are 6ft or below can comfortably perform a full rowing stroke with full leg extension on this machine. Unfortunately, we had no chance to try out this machine with someone who is taller or is a bit heavier than listed.

As a downside, we have noticed that this machine LCD display is not back lit, so it may sometimes be hard to read the stats off the screen in a dark room. Also, there are no transport wheels attached to the front of the machine — which would have really helped with moving it around. Despite that, there are rubber legs that will prevent this machine from scratching your floor.


  • 8 manually adjustable resistance levels
  • LCD display
  • Foldable design
  • Smooth rowing
  • 3 pre-set racing games, but also 1 manual setting
  • Very silent


  • LCD display not backlit
  • No transport wheels

What customers say about Body Sculpture BR3301

Very well-built and good quality machine! It was very easy to assemble it and move around. Amazing resistance levels, with the highest actually being very difficult. It provides amazing workout, and I would recommend this machine for everyone!

Delivered on time, easily assembled, and am very satisfied with it. Pretty good for the price I paid. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a professional rowing machine but won’t pay £800 or more for them. Quality of workout is basically the same.

It does a decent job, it is very comfortable to use, so overall you get good value for this price. Has no storage problems as it folds in half nicely, but getting it to a storage can sometimes be the problem. Fortunately I’m getting more fit.

Very good rower so far. I have used it for about a month. Amazing display with preset racing games that keep me motivated during workouts! Definitely not the most interesting games by themselves, but hey, awesome piece of equipment anyway.


The rower is well constructed and feels very sturdy. Resistance is amazing on this machine, as even the highest tension will be quite difficult — even for more advanced rowers! And the display with integrated racing games is a cherry on top of this tasty cake: fun, entertaining, quite engaging.

We recommend this machine to beginners, intermediate and advanced users. This machine will allow you to feel like you’re rowing on naturally on water — you can thank the six wheels.

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