Body Sculpture BR3175 Rowing Machine Review

Body Sculpture BR3175 Rowing Machine
Body Sculpture BR3175 Rowing Machine
Body Sculpture BR3175 Rowing Machine

Body Sculpture BR3175 Features

  • Large comfortable seat
  • Easy to use screen monitor
  • Manual resistance control
  • Solid aluminium frame
  • Extra hand and leg supports and a locking seat — allows it to be used for a larger number of exercises
  • Ability to fold

Body Sculpture BR3175 Specification

  • Dimensions – 158 x 55 x 47.5cm
  • Weight – 22kg
  • Max user weight – 120kg
  • 12 Months warranty

Body Sculpture BR3175 Rowing Machine Review

BR3175 is a rowing machine that is aimed at newbie users who are looking to get into or improve their fitness levels; it’s amazing for an introduction to exercise in general, although intermediate users will find this machine still has something for them!

This is a simple piece of equipment that perfectly does what it was designed for. It is very easy to assemble and store this machine, with clients usually reporting around 10 minutes needed to assemble the machine! Even someone who has never done anything like this will be able to do it, and we mean both assemble and exercise.

Body Sculpture have put a lot of thought into this machine’s comfort level. It is one of the most comfortable, budget rowing machines on the market, combining pretty much every desirable characteristic of high-quality fitness equipment for a relatively average price.

Body Sculpture BR3175 Features
Body Sculpture BR3175 Features

What makes this machine enjoyable is that it offers smooth, noiseless strokes (thanks to the magnetic resistance), adjustable foot straps to match your comfort, pivoting foot plates to secure your feet and give you control, and, to top it off — a large, super comfortable seat.

Unlike the air-based resistance of cheaper, weaker models, the magnetic resistance not only provides a more reliable and progressive resistance, but it also increases the fluidity and pleasantness of the exercise. The Hi-Tech magnetic brake system further fulfils the same role. It is also foldable so you could store it everywhere you got a free space.

Besides the rowing, the machine also enables various resistance exercises. It has extra hand/foot supports and locking seat, permitting multi-functionality, and making the machine an amazing pick for those who want to prevent getting bored from same rowing routine every day. But still keeping muscles toned and your body engaged.

This rower has a built-in display that will help you to keep track of:

  • Time
  • Scan
  • Burned Calories
  • Stroke Count
  • Total Count

These are very basic, albeit essential bits of information for anyone who wants to keep track of their progress. Moreover, the console to operate the display is very minimalistic and intuitive.

BR3175 rowing machine offers its users plenty of varying difficulty through the wide range of resistance levels to choose from. It allows you to slowly progress through each level at your own pace, promoting long-term use due to its in-built progression system via resistances.

It may not exactly be a professional piece of equipment, but it is an essential buy for anyone who is looking for a reliable, beginner-friendly rowing machine that can be used by multiple people for a long while.

Blending robust functionality with design, this piece of equipment is made of solid aluminium parts and some cosmetics details made of plastic.


  • More quiet and smooth thanks to the magnetic resistance
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to assemble and foldable design
  • Solid aluminium frame
  • Variety of functionality due to additional hand & leg support


  • Plastic cover looks cheap
  • A bit more expensive than other Body Sculpture rowers

What customers say about BR 3175 Rowing Machine

Great machine for the price, easy to assemble and use it straight after that. A bit different to the ones in the rowing club, but still a good machine.

I really like the progression. Having started exercising 3 months ago, I found that my growth is always met with a good challenge at every stage.

A bit disappointed that seat on this is stationary. A robust and well manufactured machine. Solid built and easy to fold it and then store it.

Very good very quiet, surprisingly good exercise, very quick assembly. Besides rowing, the machine provides an unexpected level of support for other types of exercise, like push-ups. Very helpful.


Despite potentially looking cheap, this is an amazing rowing machine that is budget-friendly and delivers a lot of value for money. It will ideally suit anyone who wants to lose a few extra pounds and also get some muscle-toning exercise at home. Stably locked, the machine has a lot of functionality, including the monitor that provides the most essential stats.

It is an extremely comfortable machine to use. Being quite intuitive and fun to handle, it’s suited for the beginners that need an extra help with sticking to exercising.

Thinking of starting rowing or want to advance from newbie to intermediate? Then Body Sculpture BR317 is a perfect rowing machine for you, your family and your friends.

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