Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym Review

Body Sculpture BR3010 rower
Body Sculpture BR3010 rower
Body Sculpture BR3010 rower

Body Sculpture BR3010 Features

  • Foldable Rower and Gym
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Foldable and compact for storage
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • On-board computer monitor
  • Excellent DVD to help you build your skill

Body Sculpture BR3010 Specification

  • Dimensions – L185 x W65 x H43.5cm
  • Weight – 16kg
  • Max user weight – 120kg
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Fully compliant and certified for European Safety Standards – ENG957

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym Review

This rower is a fine 4-star product on Amazon. Promising that you might cancel your morning gym session, the machine is the essential workout equipment that brings gym-level quality to the comfort and privacy of your home. It is a 2-in-1 cross trainer – you can do rowing or resistance work with it, the variety ensuring to keep you away from boredom!

BR3010 use a series of resistance cords instead of air/magnetic resistance that is employed in more expensive machines. This rower can be a bit disappointing, as the strength increases somewhat awkwardly when the band is overstretching.

The machine has an excellent build and is of good quality, however. You can fold this rower in half. It is very convenient to store, and most people will be able to lift it and store it in a cupboard.

BR3010 Monitor and machine in stand up position
BR3010 Monitor and machine in stand up position

This rower offers adjustable resistance, so you can start with low resistance and slowly build up your strength to the machine’s maximum — and yours! You can adjust the positioning of the rower, effectively alternating between standing and sitting exercises. This feature helps you target more muscle groups, as well as provide diversity in your workouts.

The main feature of this machine is that it can easily convert from being a cardio workout (rowing) to resistance workout (cable). You can do bicep curls, pec flies, and standing lateral raises with it — fantastic choice for anyone who wishes to improve their muscle tone and gain more strength.

The machine box comes with two additional handles that will help you to isolate and fully engage specific muscles and muscle groups. You can very quickly and easily attach those handles to the carabiner clips on the top of the straight bar, making the different activities easy to switch between each other.

Although it is a low-cost gym quality equipment for your home, it does its job very well. The fact that this machine comes with instructional DVD makes it an amazing pick for beginners, as well as for more experienced, yet curious fitness lovers. The instructions will walk you through the assembling of and using the rower. If insufficient or unclear, there is also a user manual with rich amounts of easily-accessible information.

For its price, it comes with a very decent display. It can keep track of:

  • Workout Time
  • The Calories You Have Burnt
  • The Number Of Strokes Done
  • Total Count
  • Scan

On the negative side of things, we have noticed that machines that cost this much come with a display that is usually not very accurate due to the way the machine is built. This one, in particular, can sometimes do that, although it doesn’t feel very off.

Overall, however, this machine is an excellent, affordable, accessible piece of equipment to have in your home gym.

BR3010 Rower Pros

  • 2-in-1 mini gym
  • Instructional DVD included
  • Very compact
  • Comes with warranty
  • Easy to set up
  • Will suit a tall person over 6 foot
  • Perfect for beginners as a first equipment purchase

BR3010 Rower Cons

  • Not very accurate measurements on a display
  • Doesn’t suit more advanced and physically fit exercisers (due to band-based resistance)

BR3010 rower and gym FAQ

Help me find Body Sculpture BR3010 instructions manual

The BR3010 manual should have come in the same box that machine parts came in. In case it didn’t come or you lost it, you can find an electronic version of br3010 instructions manual here.

How do the BR3010 looks? Are any videos available?

Please see the body sculpture br3010 video below to get an idea on how the machine will look like at home.

What body weight will it hold?

The machine can hold up to 120 kilograms or about 19 stones without any issues. Exceeding this limit is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Is this machine magnetic based or air resistance based?

The machine is neither magnetic nor air – it is using rubber tension.  You can choose between 3 different resistance settings. Some users reported that #3 is quite hard to use for beginners.

What customers say about Body Sculpture BR 3010

Good price for good cardio workout. But even on max tension it doesn’t get much challenged. Not an all-round exercise machine. It can get noisy when exercising. It does ratchet-type noise during a rowing motion.

The DVD is perfect. I’ve been wanting to start properly exercising for years, but I never quite knew how to get into it. Simple to understand and imitate, these recordings have really helped.

Very quick delivery and easy assembly. Very good value for its price. Good workout toning my body. I am happy. Relatively cheap and efficient. Would recommend to those who want a simple, yet effective workout!

This is not a top end machine that you would get at the gym, but it is amazing workout for its price. Although I got a problem with foot straps – my foot is slipping sometimes. I like the variety it provides! I never get bored.


You should get this rower if you are looking for a 2-in-1 mini gym. It can easily replace your gym membership, giving you the same quality with better convenience. It also comes with a great DVD that will help you dive into doing exercises straight away. Overall has a great value for its price.

I believe that this machine is perfect for beginners. The provided workout, helped by the DVD, will take you through the basics and slowly build you up. I do not recommend this to those who are looking for a more advanced workout, as more complex systems of resistance are needed to increase the challenge significantly. This machine is mentioned in our best home rowing machines list as the most versatile and affordable one.

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