Body Sculpture BR1900 Hydraulic Rower Review

Body Sculpture BR1900 Rower
Body Sculpture BR1900 Rower
Body Sculpture BR1900 Rower

Body Sculpture BR1900 Features

  • Is a twin hydraulic system
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Adjustable footplates
  • Amazing LED monitor for rep count, calories used and time
  • Comes with a warranty from the manufacturer

Body Sculpture BR1900 Specification

  • Dimensions – L124 x W80 x H17.5cm
  • Weight – 13kg
  • Max user weight – 120kg
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Fully compliant and certified for European Safety Standards – ENG957

Body Sculpture BR1900 Twin Hydraulic Review

There is a huge number of types of machines you can buy for your home gym. One of the types of machines is rowing machines that provide loads of benefits for you.

You can include rowing in your typical gym routine. This rower is a fantastic upper body workout. It works arms, chest, abs and legs. It will get your heart rate high, and you will burn more fat.

Body Sculpture BR1900 will suit anyone who wants a compact rowing machine with nice features, but they are not happy to pay a massive price for high-end devices like Concept D Model E. It is an amazing low priced alternative to expensive air or magnetic rowers.

Body Sculpture BR1900 Tracking Monitor
Body Sculpture BR1900 Tracking Monitor

There are a couple of small negative points I want to mention prior before saying positive things about this rower. The first thing to mention is that the machine offers no length adjustments. It can be very annoying and putting off a tall person.

Also when you row a seating platform makes noises, you can hear the bearing working under the seat. It really isn’t that much of a problem, but it may get irritating for some people

On the positive side, however, this machine is best for being straightforward to use and easy to assemble. The package comes with the tools included and marked so you can start putting the machine together straightaway.

This rower is very lightweight, and most people will be able to lift it and move freely. It can also fold flat for storage when you are not using it. Or you can slide it under your bed after finishing with your workout.

If you have just started rowing, you can easily adjust the resistance and tension and slowly build up yourself. Or if you are experience rower you can go with the tightest setting.

The seat is very easy to move, and motion is very smooth. It makes rowing stroke very natural and comfortable for you.

This indoor rower also comes with an LED monitor. It is very rare to see this feature on a rower that cost this low. It is an amazing bonus that adds a lot of value.

BR1900 Pros

  • Easy to assemble and compact to store
  • Firm built
  • Comes with LED monitor
  • Has adjustable footplates for better ankle support
  • Decent price

BR1900 Cons

  • This model is ‘famous’ for having seat problems: it can make sound or seat rollers can get disintegrated
  • The noise that comes from the seat may be irritating
  • No length adjustment

Body Sculpture BR1900 FAQ

Where can I find assembly manual for BR1900?

The user manual for BR1900 that includes assembly instructions is found on the official Body Sculpture website. For your convenience we have located the link for you, please visit this website for instructions manual.

Where can I find Body Sculpture exercise guide?

Body Sculpture BR1900 user manual comes with the machine when you buy it. If you don’t have an instruction manual and you are willing to check the exercises before purchasing this machine you can find the guide in the official BR1900 user manual.  The workout manual includes everything from basic rowing stroke and posture to tips on weight loss and muscle toning with this rowing machine.

Is it noisy?

The machine does produce some noise but it is so quiet that you can have someone sleeping in the same room you working out without any issues.

Does this machine give ab workout?

This machine will work abs in the same way as any other machine due to the muscles worked when doing rowing strokes.

What customers say about BR 1900 Hydraulic Rower

Took me about half an hour to assemble it. Pretty sturdy frame and feels very good. I am very happy with arms workout I am getting with this machine

Arms too tight. Very difficult to row. Have to be a young strong person to use this.

Easy to follow instructions. Product works well except one minor complaint – it is no good for very short or quite tall people.

Great value. Very light machine but surprisingly mighty. Is one of the best machines there for price/value.


Body Sculpture BR1900 is an amazing rower that provides impressive results for everyone. It maybe is not as good as expensive rowers that are in the gym, but it is a fantastic and compact model for in-home use. Pick this rower for your home gym if you want to get a decent workout for your upper body. When you think about the price – it has a fantastic price/quality value and is an amazing aid to your fitness goals.

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