Body Sculpture BR1000 Rowing Machine Review

Body Sculpture BR1000 Rowing Machine Review
Body Sculpture BR1000 Rowing Machine Review
Body Sculpture BR1000 Rowing Machine Review

Body Sculpture BR1000 Features

  • Large pivoting footplates
  • Comfortable saddle with extra stability
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Computer monitor

Body Sculpture BR1000 Specification

  • Dimensions – 138.5 cm x 42.5 cm x 40 cm
  • Weight – 13kg
  • Max user weight – 110kg
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty

Body Sculpture BR1000 Rowing Machine Review

BR1000 is an amazing budget machine that is aimed at beginner and intermediate rowers. Suitable for everyone who is about to start rowing or want to get fit without spending hundreds of pounds on an expensive club-style professional machine.

The machine comes with a functional computer tracking monitor that will help keep track of your workout. It is able to tell you time, calories used, strokes per minute, count and scan.

Body Sculpture BR1000 has an adjustable resistance. Resistance comes from a specific piston – it is using a Dial-A-Tension hydraulic cylinder piston to give you a choice of 12 different resistance levels. Amazing for newbie rowers to slowly work their way up to the toughest resistance or for casual light cardio workout.

This rower will perfectly suit anyone who is 6 feet or under, but if you go any taller you might feel a bit uncomfortable during your rowing strokes. On the up side, this rower is producing close to no noise when working out.

For extra comfort, Body Sculpture BR1000 comes with a padded leather seat. The seat is also specifically attached to the glider to make the movement smooth and easy.

Large pivoting footplates provide amazing ankle support, allowing you to avoid ankle traumas and make your workout more pleasant. Use the straps provided to mount your feet and enjoy rowing.

The boxed product comes with everything you need to assemble the rowing machine by yourself. It comes with instructions and small bags of items needed for assembly. It takes just a matter of moments to assemble this machine. Everything is conveniently packed for you by the manufacturer.

Body Sculpture company cares a lot about it’s customers, so they offer a 12 month warranty for this rowing machine. They also replace all the broken pieces free of charge.

Body Sculpture BR1000 Workout Tracking Monitor
Body Sculpture BR1000 Workout Tracking Monitor


  • Lightweight machine
  • Easy to assemble at home on your own
  • Adjustable resistance levels – good for the beginners
  • Pivoting footplates – for extra comfort
  • Tracking monitor


  • Piston resistance gets overheated and drops a lot if you workout really hard
  • Can’t be folded in half to save space
  • Not suitable for tall people

What customers say about BR1000

The resistance could be better, but it’s good value for price you are paying. Does everything it says in the description. Good for beginners

Piston gets overheated when rowing too hard. Might want to consider a different machine if you are more advanced athhlete

Best pick for a beginner! It is easy to put together, smooth action when rowing and is also very quite

The tension is too easy. Good workout for a newbie, but I will look for more advanced rower.


Keep in mind that this machine is very budget version of indoor rowing machines. It is specifically designed for newbies and for people tight with money. Do not expect much of it.

For a price of this machine you get pretty reasonable rowing machine that is easy to put together, it is quite and is very suitable for beginners. It is good for slowly toning body and some light cardio at home.

Some customers complain that this rower won’t stand a lot of pressure and at some point you will have to oil it up, other customers have complaints about piston getting out of order. Luckily manufacturer replaces all these without any fees free of charge.

If you looking for more serious workout machine – check out rower models we have reviewed.

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