BH Fitness Stanford R301L Rowing Machine Review

BH Fitness R301L Rowing Machine
BH Fitness R301L Rowing Machine
BH Fitness R301L Rowing Machine

BH Fitness Stanford R301L Features

  • Foldable design
  • 8 magnetic tension levels
  • LCD monitor
  • Quiet and smooth in operation

BH Fitness Stanford R301L Specification

  • Dimensions – 150 cm x 53 cm x 42 cm
  • Weight – 23.4 kg
  • Max user weight – 120 kg
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

BH Fitness Stanford R301L Rowing Machine Review

This rowing machine is an amazing choice for everyone who is willing to get serious workout at the comfort of their home. R301L will work out several major muscle groups of your body and will help you improve your cardio and stamina. This machine can be the one that will change your fitness game!

The machine is made using aluminium, plastic and rubber materials. These materials are proven to be quite durable and they hardly show any tear and wear after some time of using the rower.

During the time of writing this review there was a free delivery of this machine by amazon. Once the machine is delivered, carry the box with care as it is quite heavy. Put the box in a room where you want to assemble the machine and unpack it. The box will include all the necessary things needed to assemble this machine by yourself. It will have step-by-step instructions, user manual as well as some tools. It might be useful if you have any power tools at home as it will speed up the whole process. On average it takes a bit less than an hour to assemble this rower.

BH Fitness R301L Stored Upright
BH Fitness R301L Stored Upright

BH Fitness Stanford R301L features magnetic brake system to provide its users with rowing tension. Magnetic rowers are well known to have very quiet and smooth stroke. There is also an extensive range of tensions available. You can pick a tension level that will be most suitable for you – R301L users can choose between 8 tension levels by turning the knob at the front of the machine.

The seat on Stanford R301L is ergonomically design to provide maximum comfort during long and hard workout sessions. Handles are made from anti slip rubber to protect your hands from blisters and slipping. Most importantly the foot bars come with anti-slip pattern and straps, that will keep your foot in place during workout and protect you from traumatising yourself.

BH Fitness R301L LCD screen
BH Fitness R301L LCD screen

R301L comes with a built in LCD monitor. Main unique feature of this tracking monitor is that it comes with speed interval programs. These programs will help you pace you training and achieve new fitness heights and goals. The screen is also able to show you following vital workout stats:

  • Total Count
  • Calories Burned
  • Count/min
  • Count
  • Scan
  • Time

The screen operates on AA batteries. Unfortunately the machine doesn’t have batteries included.

After you are finished with workout session, you can store this machine upright to save some space. This is a very elegant solution for those of us who are tight on space at home. The machine looks very modern and will definitely fit into the living room design. Or you can put it in the shed/storage cabinet.

This rowing machine can accommodate users up to 120kg and who are up to 6 foot tall. Anyone who ignores the weight limit can get into the risk zone of breaking the machine and injuring themselves. Anyone above 6 ft tall might feel a slight discomfort when trying to extend the legs fully during the stroke.

Unfortunately R301L does not have any wheels installed at the front of the machine, so it is quite hard to move it around, it feels more like dragging the machine on the floor. Another minor downside of R301L is that the screen is not backlit. It is quite hard to read the stats off the screen in poorly lit rooms.


  • Quiet workout
  • Multiple resistance levels to choose from
  • Stylish design
  • Can be stored upright
  • Smooth stroke
  • Long manufacturer warranty


  • Screen is not backlit
  • Comes without batteries
  • Doesn’t have front wheels for ease of moving around

What customers say about BH Fitness Stanford R301L

Robust and quiet rowing machine. Great quality! I use it regularly and it show no signs of wear and tear so far! Must have machine!

Great mid-range priced rower that does it job well and is very affordable. Great resistance, smooth stroke, quiet when working out. Everything you need a rowing machine to do – it does well!

When this machine arrived, it had everything in the box as promised. The machine itself is easy to assemble and it has proven to be a good gym equipment for home. Rowing feels smooth as well as higher tension levels provide the challenge well needed for rowing fanatics like me!

This is an amazing machine! Provides the best workout, has plenty of options as well as it is very easy to store it in my small flat. Definitely recommend it as a must have for home gym!


This is an amazing mid-priced rowing machine. It is great for developing both upper and lower body muscle groups as well as this machine provides a serious aerobic workout.

This might be a lower middle priced machine and it has its minor downsides, but overall it is a good quality gym equipment. I would recommend this machine as a must have to beginner and intermediate users. This machine was mentioned in our best rowing machine for home use list as the one that emulates rowing experience the best.

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