AsVIVA RA6 Rowing Machine Review

AsVIVA RA6 Rowing Machine
AsVIVA RA6 Rowing Machine
AsVIVA RA6 Rowing Machine

AsVIVA RA6 Features

  • 2-in-1: cycling and rowing
  • Pre-programmed workouts
  • Foldable design

AsVIVA RA6 Specification

  • Dimensions – 192 cm x 63 cm x 67 cm
  • Weight – 40 kg
  • Max user weight – 130 kg
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty

AsVIVA RA6 Rowing Machine Review

RA6 is a hybrid rowing machine that you can use to row or cycle. It is a piece of well-designed fitness equipment that will compliment your home gym.

The machine is very sturdy for home use and is very quiet in operation. It is an excellent choice for use by fitness enthusiasts. Made from high-quality materials, the machine has been built to last. AsVIVA RA6 has passed all strict German certifications, which is a good sign of sound engineering.

If you order AsVIVA RA6 machine off Amazon, you will get a free delivery right to your home. The device will come in a box with a user manual and assembly instructions included. Assembling this rowing machine was very easy. Instructions were clear, and it took around an hour to assemble the rower. However, having power tools will make the assembly more comfortable and faster.

There are 16 manually adjustable resistance levels available for AsVIVA RA6 users. Switch between resistance levels to find the perfect one for yourself. Higher resistance level will suit more advanced and fit users when low resistance levels are perfect for beginners. During the use of this machine, thanks to the magnetic resistance, there will be no sound produced by it at all. A whisper sound during use.


As this machine is a 2-in-1 deal for rowing and cycling, the seat is designed to provide comfort during both cycling and rowing activity. The seat is ergonomically designed to prevent you from slipping back and forth as well as to support your back. Foot pedals that close to the users are designed for rowing and are slightly larger than the cycling ones. Both rowing pedals and cycling pedals feature a strap that will keep your feet firmly in place. The handlebar is covered with soft foam to prevent blisters.

AsVIVA RA6 Tracking Console Display
AsVIVA RA6 Tracking Console Display

RA6 comes with a fantastic colourful tracking console. The console can show you plenty of different stats as well as it has pre-programmed workout programs that will keep you motivated during the workout as well as add some variety to your training routine. The console will show you following stats:

  • Training Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Time Elapsed
  • Calories Burned
  • Heart rate

Once you finished with rowing, you can fold this machine in half to save space. Unfortunately, this machine doesn’t have any transport wheels attached to the front of it so it will be a bit harder to move it around. However, it is still quite compact and easy to transport.

RA6 officially can handle users whose weight is up to 130 kg or 20.5 stones, which is very impressive for a rowing machine. Also, a user who is just above 6ft will feel very comfortable during the use of this machine and will be able to do a full leg extension.

AsVIVA RA6 Folded In Half
AsVIVA RA6 Folded In Half

On the downside of things we noticed that this machine doesn’t have transport wheels at the front of the machine which would make it way more easier to move it around. Also, the machine itself is quite heavy, and it weighs a whopping 40kg! Apart from these issues, there is nothing wrong with the machine.

AsViva RA6 Pros

  • Folds in half for space saving
  • Can do both cycling and rowing
  • High-quality German engineering
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great multi-functional console

AsViva RA6 Cons

  • Quite a heavy machine
  • No transport wheels

What customers say about AsVIVA RA6

This is a great machine that you can do both cycling and rowing. I am very impressed by the pleasantly smooth running of the seat and the rudder bar. The seat is very comfortable and it does a great job supporting the back.

This is an excellent product made by an excellent company.
Everything is great with this machine – from assembly and using it through to moving it around and maintenance.

Plenty of resistance levels to choose from, multi-functional console as well as a machine that still shows no signs of tear and wear after using it on a daily basis. Great buy indeed!

I am extremely pleased with this machine. It is very quiet and is truly a great design. Level 16 resistance is a challenge though!


RA6 is a versatile rowing machine/cycling equipment. It is very comfortable, and high quality built machine, it has plenty of features and even pre-programmed workouts that make it an amazing choice for your home gym.

We recommend this machine for everyone from beginners to more advanced rowers.

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