AsVIVA RA14 Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

AsVIVA RA14 Rowing Machine
AsVIVA RA14 Rowing Machine
AsVIVA RA14 Rowing Machine

AsVIVA RA14 Features

  • Eight resistance levels
  • Multi-functional computer
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Folds in half
  • Quiet in operation

AsVIVA RA14 Specification

  • Dimensions – 132 cm x 58 cm x 28 cm
  • Weight – 31 kg
  • Max user weight – 130 kg
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty

AsVIVA RA14 Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

RA14 is a great example of magnificent German engineering. This machine has passed all the strict German safety standards, so you bet this is a quality piece of equipment. The machine was designed by AsVIVA to serve long and without breaking too often. Great user reviews are a good indicator of the quality of this machine. Main materials being used in this machine are aluminium, steel and hard plastic.

Once you order your AsVIVA RA14 from Amazon, it will arrive in a box right to your doorstep. The box will include all essentials needed to assemble the machine: machine parts, step by step assembly instruction,  user manual and a tool kit. Having power tools would be very handy and will speed up the process of assembly. Usually, it takes around an hour to assemble this machine.

RA14 is a great machine that delivers optimal workout for users of all levels from beginners to more advanced rowers. The resistance comes from magnetic brakes, and there are plenty of resistance levels to choose from. This rowing machine has got eight different tension levels that can be changed manually by the user. Users say that resistance at levels 6-8 is very challenging even for more fit users.

Handles are covered with special foam that will protect your hands from blisters. The seat is ball-bearing mounted to the rail and slides very smoothly. Pedals are covered with unique non-slip material and a pattern to prevent your foot from coming off during the workout. There are also straps that will keep your foot firmly in place and prevent injuries.

AsVIVA RA14 Tracking Monitor
AsVIVA RA14 Tracking Monitor

This rowing machine comes with a great multi-functional LCD tracking console that is capable of showing you the following stats:

  • Training Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Time Elapsed
  • Calories Burned
  • Stroke Count
  • RPM
  • Pulse

This rowing machine is a great display that will show you all the stats you need to help you track your progress as well as it is convenient during the workout itself. Batteries are powering the screen, and yes, they are included with the machine once you order them. Unfortunately for you to get your pulse/heart readings and heart monitor to operate – you need a chest strap that is optional with this machine. For a machine, in this price category, it is not unusual to have some items as options.

Once you are finished with your workout, you can employ one of the main features of AsVIVA RA14 – it’s the ability to fold in half. Release a pin and fold machine in half to save space in your house. There are also wheels attached to the front of the device that makes it easier to transport around the place. The machine is quite light and you everyone will be able to move it around without any issues.

AsVIVA RA14 Folded In Half
AsVIVA RA14 Folded In Half

This rower is excellent and sturdy and is promised to accommodate users who are up to 130 kilograms or 20.5 stones. Also, users who are above 6ft1 will be able to perform a full rowing stroke without any discomfort when fully extending their legs.  Great machine for family use.

One of the minor downsides we have noticed is that it is hard to read stats from the display in a dark room. It would be nice for a machine of this price to have a display that is lit up. Also, we were disappointed that there was no heart rate strap included, and we had to buy it as an optional extra.

AsVIVA RA14 Pros

  • Foldable in half
  • Changeable tension level
  • Light and easy to assemble
  • Multifunctional monitor
  • Good quality and design

AsVIVA RA14 Cons

  • The display is not backlit
  • The chest strap is optional

What customers say about AsVIVA RA14

This rower is a sturdy German rowing machine. Have been using this device for quite a while now. Got no complaint about it whatsoever, solid performance, smooth glide and most importantly it is good when tight on space.

Everything is just as expected when I order this machine. If you want to have a good home equipment for exercising, then definitely choose this device. Rowing feels very smooth as well as higher tension levels are a bit of a challenge for me.

I am very satisfied with this indoor rowing machine. During the assembly I already got an impression that this is a very solid and quality machine. The rowing feels amazing with this machine. Would recommend it to anyone willing to get a solid machine for home.

Robust and quiet rower. Finally I got a device that is good for tall people as I am 6ft4 and other rowing machines usually not made for people of this height. I use this machine regularly and it still shows no signs of wear and tear. Truly great quality!


This rowing machine is a great machine for family use and rowing enthusiasts. It can handle quite heavy and tall users. It has got plenty of professional rowing machine functions as well as it is very affordable. Also, it coming from Germany and passing all their standards is a guarantee that it will last you for long.

We recommend this machine for beginners, and more advanced users as there is plenty of resistance and this machine can deliver an optimal workout.

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