AsVIVA RA13 Rowing Machine Review

AsVIVA RA13 Rowing Machine
AsVIVA RA13 Rowing Machine
AsVIVA RA13 Rowing Machine

AsVIVA RA13 Features

  • Air resistance system
  • Manually adjustable tension levels
  • Folding mechanism
  • Easy transportation
  • Easy assembly

AsVIVA RA13 Specification

  • Dimensions -213 cm x 47 cm x 93 cm
  • Weight – 27 kg
  • Max user weight – 130 kg
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty

AsVIVA RA13 Rowing Machine Review

AsVIVA RA13 is a fine example of good quality engineering. It was made in Germany, and it passed all strict German health and safety standards. This machine is made from high-quality materials that are promised to be durable: aluminium, coated steel and hard plastic. According to user reviews, this machine will feel like brand new even after extensive use after a couple of years of ownership.

Once you order AsVIVA RA13, it will come right to your doorstep boxed. The box will include the essentials needed to assemble the machine by yourself. The box will contain tool kit, step by step assembly instruction, user manual and rowing machine parts. Usually, it takes around an hour to assemble this machine. If you have power tools, you will assemble this machine a couple of times faster than it usually takes.

AsVIVA RA13 Front View
AsVIVA RA13 Front View

RA13 comes with eight different manually adjustable tension levels for an optimal workout right at your doorstep. Air resistance usually makes some noise, so it might be uncomfortable for people who need dead silence in their homes. Apart from this, air resistance delivers good rowing experience.

To protect your foot from trauma, the pedals are covered with an anti-slip material and a pattern. Also, there are foot straps that will keep your feet firmly in place. Feet feel very comfortable when rowing using this machine. The seat is ball bearing mounted to the rail and slides extremely smoothly along with it. The handle on RA13 is covered with foam to ensure that you won’t get any blisters on your hands during the workout.

AsVIVA RA13 Display
AsVIVA RA13 Display

AsVIVA RA13 features a multi-functional display that will show you the most relevant and vital stats to your workout. The stats that it can show are:

  • Time Elapsed
  • Rowing Speed
  • Distance Rowed
  • Calories Burned
  • Stroke Count
  • RPM
  • Pulse

Batteries power the display so you can move rower around and put it in places where there are no power sockets. Batteries are included in the order box. Please keep in mind that to get your pulse reading, you have to buy an optional chest strap.

The machine also features a storage saving mechanism – it can be folded in half and take twice less floor space. Store this machine away in a storage cupboard. We have noticed that the device is not featuring transport wheels which makes it a bit harder to move around, but the machine itself is quite light, and it has rubber legs which will prevent the device from scratching your floor.

AsVIVA RA13 Folded In Half
AsVIVA RA13 Folded In Half

RA13 is very sturdy and can handle users who are up to 130 kg of weight or 20.5 stones. It can also provide a very comfortable workout with full leg extension to taller users who are up to 6ft3. Ideal for family use by her and him.

One of the main downsides is the display screen. It may be very advanced display, but it doesn’t have any light behind the screen. Hence it is hard to read the stats in the dark room. Also to get your pulse you need an optional chest strap, for a machine of this category it could have been included.

AsVIVA RA13 Pros

  • Air turbine resistance system
  • Foldable in half for storage saving
  • Adjustable resistance for optimal training

AsVIVA RA13 Cons

  • The display is not backlit
  • Heart rate strap is optional

What customers say about AsVIVA RA13

Great sturdy machine. It was very easy to assemble this machine and start using it. Each step has a number in the manual and all screws and nuts are easy to locate and then use in assembly. This rowing machine is ideal for long training session. It is very effective and it feels very smooth when rowing.

The device is amazing! It runs very smoothly, the screen has all the details you need and there are also plenty of difficulty to choose from. Considering myself relatively fit person, harder level of difficulty on this rower still gives me good muscle sore in the morning!

Overall I have got only good emotions after using this device.
It feels like a professional rowing machine and for someone who is tight on space it can fold in half. Ideal for my daily rowing sessions at home.

Great sports equipment! Very durable and efficient full body workout with this machine. Very beginner friendly as well as light and doesn’t take much space. Truly a compliment to my home gym!


AsVIVA RA13 is a rower that is more on the professional side. It looks decent, delivers a great workout and is very light and easy to move it around.

This rowing machine is a great home gym equipment and will help you get more fit. We recommend it for everyone from beginners to intermediate.

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