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Indoor Rowing Machines

Hey! In this article I will try to explain to you what is rowing and why it is beneficial to include it in your regular routine workout. If you already know what is indoor rowing and willing to buy a machine – check out our list of best indoor rowing machines.

But let’s start from the basics.

What is a rowing machine?

Rowing machine is a type of a machine that imitates rowing. It is an amazing workout, and it doesn’t take much space nor is costly.

It is usually used by people who want to lose weight or get stronger as rowing machine works most of the body muscles. They are an amazing workout for both men and women!

So, what are benefits of using a rowing machine?

This amazing machine gives you a full body workout. Rowing is an amazing cardio and strength exercise.

It raises your heart rate, lets you sweat out body fat from both upper and lower body – this allows you to evenly lose your unwanted weight. During 1 hour of rowing you can burn more than 600 calories! I have completely replaced all my cycling activities with rowing.

Also as a strength exercise, it works both upper and lower body. These groups of muscles do work that is required to complete full rowing stroke.

Upper body muscles that do work are back muscles, shoulders and hands work. Lower body muscles that do work are abs and thighs.

Muscles that are worked with rowing
Muscles that are worked with rowing

It is efficient. Even NASA astronauts train with it! During 30 minutes of rowing you do same amount of work as if you cycle for 90 minutes. It does save a lot of time.

Also during rowing you are very unlikely to get injury. If you da a knee, ankle or hip injury – you can set the resistance to low setting and slowly recover and build up your strength. Amazing, right?

Rowing machines vs. other exercises

You might be very sceptical as I was at very beginning. It is ok to be like that, stay with me and I will explain you why it is better than other exercises like treadmill or cycling.

These are clear facts:

  • rowing burns 10 to 15 percent more calories than cycling
  • rowing works more muscles than any other exercise
  • rowing is great for core workouts as abs are engaged during the full rowing stroke
  • it is low impact exercise, therefore it won’t stress out your joints and chance of getting injury is quite low

Yay for rowing! Is this not enough for you to switch to this?

Please do a proper rowing machine technique!

Rowing is unpopular because many people have got no clue how to do it or they do it wrong and then stop it as they see no results.

To avoid injuries and do rowing as efficient as possible, please follow the video and learn how to do a proper rowing stroke. This will save you time and will put your workout to a new level!

Do not skip this step, it is very important for your health and wellbeing!

What could be an example of rowing machine workout plan for beginners?

Rowing workout doesn’t have to be something complicated, you have to mix up both high intensity rowing and rest periods. It is very easy to include rowing routine into your current workout.

Please see these following links as a starting point in building your own unique rowing workout:

Rowing machine for injury recovery

Rowing Machine Full Stroke
Rowing Machine Full Stroke

Before proceeding to read this step, please take the following as my personal experience. I am NOT a physician nor a specialist in injuries. I just want to tell you my story.

A couple of years ago, I have injured my elbow – I had couple of fractures on my radius elbow bone as well as I have put too much pressure on a nerve. It was horrible. I was told I will never be able to straighten my arm again nor get back to high intensity sports.

What I did was recovery with rowing machine. 3 months after my injury, I came to my local gym and started training with rowing machine. I simply put resistance on the lowest setting possible and started doing proper strokes very slowly.

Every week I was coming back and were slowly increasing resistance and intensity. It took me whole year to recover, but it feels well good to be able to do 10 pull ups and do intense sports like martial arts and basketball!

Please consult with your local physician before going this route, your situation will be unique to you. But damn I love rowing even more after this recovery.

Where to find rowing machine?

Just go to your local gym and try rowing yourself! If you happy with it, you can even order one online. We have amazing guides on how to choose a perfect rower for your home or office! First of all make sure you know what are the different types of rowing machines, then check out our indoor rowing machines reviews and pick the best machine for yourself!

Hope this answered some of your questions.

You can always contact me personally in the Contacts Us section and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can!

Regards, Greg.

Indoor Rowing Machines
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Indoor Rowing Machines
Rowing machine is a type of a machine that imitates rowing. It is an amazing workout, and it doesn’t take much space nor is costly.
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