Different types of indoor rowing machines

Indoor Rowing Machine Types


This is a fairly small explanation of different types of rowing machines. You will understand briefly what are the types of rowing machines and what is the main differences between them.

There are 3 main types of rowing machines:

  • magnetic rowing machines
  • air rowing machines
  • water rowing machines

Magnetic Rowing Machines

Magnetic rower is a kind of a rowing machine. Magnetic rower uses magnetic brake system to create resistance and provide user experience of an actual rowing to the user.

Benefits of magnetic rower are whisper quite – it means that it does not go louder than a little whisper. Seat glide of a magnetic rower is perfectly smooth. You can exercise on a machine having a family sleeping in the same room you are exercising or watch a television program and you will not be disturbed by any sound of a rowing machine.

Magnetic rower has a lot of exciting electronics – you can monitor your heart rate, on a small display you can get plan your workout – resistance, timer or rowing distance. Also you can set target for calories, stroke count or you can set a target heart rate and system will automatically adjust resistance to keep you were you want to be.

Indoor Rowing Machine Types
Family rowing experience

Magnetic rower is good for silent workouts and has all the benefits of any other rowers such as hydraulic rowing machines, water rowing machine, air resistance rowing machine and many others. Rowing is still the best option for getting a full body aerobic workout with one machine.

Air Rowing Machines

Air rowing machine is a rowing machine that is the most closes one to the real experience of being out on a lake rowing a real kayak. Your body and muscles will benefit a lot from a full rowing workout. The amount of benefit you receive depends on a resistance that machine is set and the amount of strokes you are doing. More stokes = more effort = more benefit for your body.

The downside of the air rowing machine is that it produces more noise and sounds those other rowing machines such as magnetic rower or water rower. The other thing is that because air rower uses air as a main resistance brake mechanism – rowing machine produces a breeze of in the area around the air rower. Some may like it, other may find this annoying.

Rowing will extend aerobic conditions and will strengthen your muscles and at the same time it is a very time effective exercise. Rowing will help you to gain more energy and will improve your mood. It will also give you a good cardio workout ad will strengthen your arm (biceps and triceps) and thighs muscles. Air rowing machines are much cheaper than other rowers and at the same time is safe and productive gym equipment available at the present.

Water Rowing Machines

Water rower is a type of an indoor rowing machine. This machine is considered to be a very good workout equipment – it offers you full elliptical and full aerobic exercise, also it is a very good cardio and upper part of body workout.

Water rower offer you experience as like real water rowing activity. The more stroke you do per minute – more resistance you get from the water. You can make a manual adjustment to the resistance if your body is not fit enough for it.

Most of the water rower machines are supplied with a special LCDconsole/monitor. This monitor shows you a lot of useful information about your workout – it shows your speed, overall time, how many calories you have burned, what is the distance you’ve swam, it shows you watts and it does show resistance.

Water rower is a perfect gym exercise machine that will fit your cardio and elliptical workout needs. Also it may be a very good decoration to your home. Other types of rowing machines are: magnetic rower, air rower, power rower etc.


These were the most common basic types of indoor rowing machines. When planning to buy a rowing machine, you should do a research about differences between them such as how much noise they make and how good is the resistance. Our rowing machine reviews should help you pick the right machine for you! Have a look at best indoor rowing machines to get a better grasp of what indoor rowing machine you need.

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Different Types Of Rowing Machines
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